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Korg pa 500 User Manual: Song Play Operating Mode; Transport Controls; Midi Clock; Tempo Lock And Link Mode

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Song Play operating mode

Transport controls

Song Play operating mode
The Song Play operating mode is where you can listen to Songs.
Since the Pa500 is equipped with two onboard sequencers, you
can play two Songs at the same time. This is very useful to mix
between two Songs during a live performance. Songs can be in
Standard MIDI File or Karaoke™ format.
You can play along with the Song with up to four Keyboard
tracks (Upper 1-3, Lower). You can select different Sounds and
Effects for Keyboard tracks by selecting Performances and STSs.
While in Song Play, you can use the SongBook to automatically
select Songs for a desired music genre. With each Song entry in
the SongBook, up to four STSs are associated.
Song Play mode can also be used in Easy Mode (see page 6).
Transport controls
You can use the separate transport controls for each of the two
onboard sequencers. Use the SEQUENCER 1 controls for
Sequencer 1, and SEQUENCER 2 controls for Sequencer 2. See
more information).

MIDI Clock

In Song Play mode the MIDI Clock is always generated by the
internal sequencer, even if the Clock parameter is set to MIDI or
USB (see "Clock Source" on page 208). While in this mode,
Pa500 cannot receive MIDI Clock messages from the MIDI IN.
Pa500 transmits to the MIDI OUT and USB port only the MIDI
Clock messages generated by Sequencer 1. For MIDI Clock mes-
sages to be sent, the "Clock Send" parameter must be activated
(see "Clock Send" on page 208).

Tempo Lock and Link Mode

If you don't want the Tempo to change when selecting a new
Song, turn on the TEMPO LOCK function. When the LED of
this button is turned on, you can still manually change the
Tempo with the DIAL.
When the Tempo Lock is activated, the Link Mode is also acti-
vated (see "Link Mode" on page 163). This makes both Sequenc-
ers use the same Tempo.

Master Volume, Balance, Sequencer Balance

While the MASTER VOLUME slider controls the general volume
of the instrument, you can use the BALANCE slider (next to the
MASTER VOLUME slider) to balance the Song tracks against
the Keyboard and Pad tracks.
Overall instrument's
Use the SEQUENCER BALANCE slider to mix between
Sequencer 1 and Sequencer 2. Move it to the center for the maxi-
mum volume of both sequencers.
Sequencer 1

Track parameters

Keyboard track settings made in Song Play mode may be saved
to a Performance. You can then recall different settings by just
selecting a single Performance.
Settings for Song tracks, like pan, volume and FX sends, depend
on the midifile.
Changes to Song tracks made in Song Play mode cannot be
saved to a midifile, and are only intended for realtime control. To
permanently save changes to the various Song parameters, edit
the midifile in Sequencer mode.

Standard MIDI Files and Sounds

The native Song file format of the Pa500 is the Standard MIDI
File (SMF), an universal standard set by all manufacturers. You
can read these files with any musical instrument or computer.
Differences may appear in sounds. If you recorded a Song on the
Pa500 (Sequencer mode), using only General MIDI sounds, you
can be confident you can play the same Song on virtually any
other musical instrument or computer. If you used Korg native
sounds, you cannot play back the same sounds on instruments
from other manufacturers.
When you read SMFs in Song Play mode, there is no problem
reading files made using only General MIDI sounds. Sounds
could be different when playing a Song made on a different
instrument: despite the wide compatibility of Pa500 with other
non-standard formats, differences may arise.
Balance of Song and
Pad against RealTime
(Keyboard) tracks
Sequencer 2


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