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RCA RC130iBL User Manual page 2

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Before you begin
General controls
Top view
Plugging in for power
• Connect the supplied power
adapter to the unit's Power jack,
and connect the other end to a
convenient wall outlet.
• Once connected with power, the
clock fl ashes. Refer to the "Clock"
section and follow the instructions
to set the clock time.
• To turn on the unit, press and hold
SOURCE – Press to select source; press
and hold to turn the unit on or to
standby mode.
STORE – In radio mode, store radio
stations as presets. In standby mode,
press and hold to set the clock time.
– Search radio frequencies;
skip or search music fi le in iPod/iPhone;
adjust clock time and wake time.
ON/OFF – In radio or iPod
mode, increase volume. In standby
mode, press to turn on/off alarm 1 or
press and hold to set alarm 1.
Front view
Setting clock
1. In standby mode, press and hold
STORE until the hour fl ashes on the
– Play/pause when in iPod/iPhone
mode. In radio mode, switch to iPod/
iPhone mode.
2. Press
to adjust the hour
time. Indicator beside PM lights
RECALL – Recall preset stations
when the time is set to PM. Press
STORE to shift to minute time.
ON/OFF – In radio or iPod
to adjust the minute
mode, decrease volume. In standby
time and then press STORE to save.
mode, press to turn on/off alarm 2 or
The time decrements or increments
press and hold to set alarm 2.
follow a faster rate when you press
and hold the
SNOOZE/SLEEP – Turn off the wake
function momentarily; set sleep time.
3. To save and exit the clock setting,
Refer to "Sleep function".
wait for about 5 seconds or press
STORE until the hour and minute
stop fl ashing.
Listening to the radio
Rear view
To turn on or off radio:
FM antenna
• In standby mode, press and hold
SOURCE to switch to radio mode.
• Press and hold SOURCE to return to
standby mode.
To tune frequency:
• In radio mode, press
selected frequency shows on the
• Press and hold
automatically search for the
POWER – Connect to the power
previous/next available station.
FM Antenna
This unit is equipped with an FM
antenna at the back. Uncoil the antenna
to its full length for best reception. Tape
Auto time synchronization
the end of the antenna onto the wall if
Each time an iPhone/iPod is docked, the
possible to improve reception.
clock would automatically synchronize
with the iPhone's or iPod's time.
Station presets
To store a station as preset:
When docking an iPhone/
1. Tune to a radio station.
• the clock will be synced to
2. Press STORE, an available preset
the iPhone.
location (e.g. P01) shows on the
• the time on your iPhone is
provided by your mobile phone
service. The time on your iPod
3. Press
is provided from iTunes during
preset location (01 - 20).
the last connection to your
computer. Please note that it
4. Press STORE. You can save up to 20
is possible to have up to 59
preset stations.
seconds time difference between
your RCA clock display and your
iPhone or iPod time display.
To recall a preset station:
1. In radio mode, press RECALL.
• The existing preset station number
shows on the display.
2. Press RECALL repeatedly to select
a desired preset station. The station
number changes by a faster rate
. The
when you press and hold the
to select a desired
Listening to iPod/iPhone
To connect iPod/iPhone:
Place your iPod/iPhone on the universal
dock for iPod/iPhone.
To select iPod mode:
• In standby mode, press and hold
SOURCE to turn on the unit. Press
SOURCE until iPod is displayed.
• Playback from the iPod/iPhone starts
• If no iPod/iPhone is connected in
the iPod mode, the unit will exit the
iPod mode and return to standby
To control the playback:
1. During playback, press
to pause
the playback and press again to
2. Press
to skip to the
previous or next fi le.
• Press and hold
to search
backward or forward on the current
playback content.
To charge the iPod/iPhone:
• You may charge the battery of your
iPod/iPhone through the universal
dock for iPod while the unit is in
standby mode, radio mode or iPod
mode. Charging control should be
operated on the iPod/iPhone.



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