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Preparation - Fujitsu Halcyon 9362292047 Operating Manual

Ceiling suspension type
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Load Batteries (R03/LR03/AAA × × × × × 2)
Press and slide the battery compartment lid on the re-
verse side to open it.
Slide in the direction of the arrow while pressing the
Insert batteries.
Be sure to align the battery polarities (
Close the battery compartment lid.
Set the Current time
Press the TIME ADJUST button.
Use the tip of a ball-point pen or other small object to press the button.
Use the (
to the current time.
button: Press to advance the time.
button: Press to reverse the time.
(Each time the buttons are pressed, the time will be advanced/reversed in
one-minute increments; hold the buttons depressed to change the time
quickly in ten-minute increments.)
Press the TIME ADJUST button again.
This completes the time setting and starts the clock.
To Use the Remote Control Unit
G The remote control unit must be pointed at signal receiver to operate correctly.
G Operating range: About 7 meters.
G When a signal is properly received by the air conditioner, a beeping sound will
be heard.
G If no beep is heard, press the remote control unit button again.
Remote Control Unit Holder
1 Mount the Holder. 2 Set the Remote Control Unit.
) SET TIME buttons to adjust the clock
Press in
3 To remove the Remote
) correctly.
Slide up
Pull out
Control Unit (when use at
G Take care to prevent infants from
accidentally swallowing batteries.
G When not using the remote control unit
for an extended period, remove the
batteries to avoid possible leakage and
damage to the unit.
G If leaking battery fluid comes in contact
with your skin, eyes, or mouth, immedi-
ately wash with copious amounts of
water, and consult your physician.
G Dead batteries should be removed
quickly and disposed of properly, either
by placing in a public battery collection
receptacle, or by returning to appropri-
ate authority.
G Do not attempt to recharge dry batteries.
Never mix new and used batteries, or
batteries of different types.
Batteries should last about one year
under normal use. If the remote control
unit's operating range becomes appre-
ciably reduced, replace the batteries and
press the ACL button with the tip of a
ballpoint pen or other small object.



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