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Selecting The Remote Control Unit Signal Code - Fujitsu Halcyon 9362292047 Operating Manual

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When two or more air conditioners are installed in a room and the remote control
unit is operating an air conditioner other than the one you wish to set, change the
signal code of the remote control unit to operate only the air conditioner you wish
to set (four selections possible).
When two or more air conditioners are installed in a room, please contact your
retailer to set the individual air conditioner signal codes.
Selecting the Remote Control Unit Signal Code
Use the following steps to select the signal code of the remote control unit. (Note
that the air conditioner cannot receive a signal code if the air conditioner has not
been set for the signal code.)
Press the START/STOP button (Fig. 4 G) until only the
clock is displayed on the remote control unit display.
Press the MASTER CONTROL button (Fig. 4 B) for at
least five seconds to display the current signal code
(initially set to ).
Press the
code between
play to the air conditioner signal code.
Press the MASTER CONTROL button again to return
to the clock display. The signal code will be changed.
If no buttons are pressed within 30 seconds after the signal code is displayed, the system returns to the original clock
display. In this case, start again from step 1.
The air conditioner signal code is set to A prior to shipment. Contact your retailer to change the signal code.
The remote control unit resets to signal code A when the batteries in the remote control unit are replaced. If you use a
signal code other than signal code A, reset the signal code after replacing the batteries.
If you do not know the air conditioner signal code setting, try each of the signal codes (
code which operates the air conditioner.
buttons (Fig. 4 C) to change the signal
. Match the code on the dis-
To operate only
one of multiple
air conditioners
) until you find the



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