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Back View And Ports - Pioneer DVR-A03 Operating Instructions Manual

Dvd-r/rw and cd-r/rw writer, dvd-rom and cd-rom reader atapi tray-load drive
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5) DISC Indicator
Disc / Status
Tray is Open / Closed
Read Only disc
Recordable disc
Unsupported disc
6) Read/Write Indicator
Disc / Status
Reading a disc
Writing a disc
When an error occurs
* abnormal rise of
internal temperature
* lens or disc is dirty
* other error
7) Eject button
press to open and close the tray
8) Forced Ejection hole
if the eject button fails to function, insert a stiff rod into the hole and push gently and
steadily until the disc ejects.
WARNING: Before forcing an ejection, verify that the computer power is OFF and
that the disc has stopped spinning in the drive. The approximate time, for a disc to
stop spinning once the power if OFF, is 60 seconds.

Back View and Ports

DVR-A03/103 Back View
DVR-A03/ DVR-103 Operating Instructions
Indicator Activity
blinking green
steady green
steady orange
blinking orange
Indicator Activity
steady green
steady orange
blinking orange
blinks once, pauses then repeats
blinks twice, pauses then repeats
blinks 3 times, pauses then repeats
- 6 -



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