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Service Checklist - Diagnosis Guide; Troubleshooting - SOLE F85 Owner's Manual

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Before contacting
your dealer for aid, please review the following
It may save you
both time and expense.
This list includes common
that may not be covered under
the treadmill's
Display does not light
Tread-belt does not stay centered
Treadmill belt hesitates when walked/run
Motor is not responsive
after pressing start
will only achieve approximately
7 mph but shows higher speed on display
stops quickly/suddenly
tether cord is pulled
trips on board 15 amp circuit
shuts off when console
touched (on a cold day) while walking/running
House circuit
breaker trips, but not the
1) Tether cord not in position.
2) Circuit breaker on front grill tripped. Push circuit breaker in
until it locks.
3) Plug is disconnected.
Make sure plug is firmly pushed into
AC household wall outlet.
4) Household circuit breaker may be tripped.
5) Treadmill defect. Contact your SOLE dealer.
The user may be walking while favoring or putting more
weight on either the left or right foot. If this walking pattern is
natural, track the belt slightly off-center to the side opposite
from the belt movement. See General Maintenance section
on Tread-belt Tension. Adjust as necessary.
1) If the belt moves, but stops after a short time and the
display shows "LS", run calibration (See procedure on
next page).
2) If you press start and the belt never moves, then the
display shows LS, contact service.
This indicates motor should be receiving power to
operate. Low AC voltage to treadmill. Do not use an
extension cord. If an extension cord is required it should be
as short as possible and heavy duty 16 gauge minimum. Low
household voltage. Contact an electrician or your SOLE
dealer. A minimum of 110 volt AC current is required.
High belt/deck friction. See General Maintenance
section on lubrication,
High belt/deck friction. See General Maintenance
Treadmill may not be grounded. Static electricity is "crashing"
the computer. Refer to Grounding Instructions on page 4.
Need to replace the house breaker with a "High
inrush current" type breaker (see page 4 for details)
F80 / F83 / F85


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