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Controlsettings - GE Appliances EDW3000 Series Owner's Manual

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The Status
The Status display tells you what is happening while the dishwasher is in operation and also any malfunctions if they occur (seepage 6),
Thelights will come ONindicating the sequence of operation the dishwasher is in,
SENSING Displayed d uringperiods usingCleanSensor technology t o measure t heamountofsoilin theloadanddecide if anotherprewash is needed.
TheSENSING lightis displayed onlyduringNORMAL andPOTS & PANS cycles.
WASHING Displayed d uringprewash andmainwashperiods.
RINSING Displayed d uringrinseperiods.
SANITIZED Displayed w hencyclehasmetsanitization conditions. L ightremains ONuntildooris opened.
CHINACRYSTAL Forlightlysoiledcbinaandcrystal.
RINSEONLY Forrinsingpartial leads that will bewashedlateEDo not usedetargen£
Load Selections
Thelight above the selected pad will be ONto indicate which LOADSELECTION has beenselected,
SANIWASH Thiscycleraises thewatertemperature inthe finalrinseto sanitize yourdishware. Thecyclelengthwill varydepending onthetemperature
of yourinletwater
NOTE:The SaniWash cycleis monitored for sanitization requirements. If thecycleis interrupted d uringor afterthe mainwashportionor
if the incoming watertemperature is solowthatadequate waterheatingcannotbeachieved, the sanitizing conditions will notbemet.
Inthesecases,thesanitized light w ill not illuminate at the endof the o/cle.
NOTE: O nlythe SaniWash cyclehasbeendesignated t o meetthe requirements of NSF184 for soilremoval a ndsanitization efficiency.
Certified residential d ishwashers a renotintended for licensed foodestablishments.
Forheavily soileddishesor cookware withdried-on or baked-on soils.Everyday d ishesmaybe included. T hiscyclewill notremove
burned-on foods.
Forloadsof everyday d ishes,glasses andcookware with medium soils.NOTE: M anydisheshavelightersoilthan normal. C hoosing a
cycleotherthan NORMALwill saveenergyandwater.
Fordisheswith lightsoils.
Thelight above the selected pad will be ONto indicate which OPTIONhas been selected,
POWER Forusewith heavilysoiledand/ordried-on, b aked-on soils.ThisoptionMUSTbe selectedPRIORtostartingtile cycle.
PRESOAK This option adds 16minutes to the cycle time.
SPEEDDRY/ Shuts_thedryingheat_pti_n.Dishesairdrynatura_yandenergyis_aved.Y_ucanpr_pthed_r_penaftertheCLEAN_ight
HEATED DRY illuminates.
SPEEDDRY/ Turnsthe heateronfor fast drying.Thiscyclewill extend the time to yourwashcycleby23 reinutas for the NORMALcycleand
HEATED DRY 30 minutes for the SAM WASHcycie. N OTE:Cannot be selected with RINSEONLYcycle
LOCK WhentheLOCKpadistouchedtwicewithin3seconds, a llpadsbecomeinoperative. Yoecaa/ockthecootro/etopreverltanyselectioae
frombeingmadeOryoucarllocktile controls afteryea havestartedacycleor selected DELAY STARTsotile cycleor DELAY START
is notinterrupted
Children cannot accidentally start dishwasher by touching pads with this option selected.
To unlockthe dishwasher a fter it has beenlocked,touclltheLOCKpad twice within 3 seconds. The lightabovethe LOCKpad
will turnoff.
DELAY START Youcandelaytile start ofa washcyclefor upto 8 hours.Press the DELAY STARTpad to choose tile number o f hoursyouwant to
delaythe startofthe cycle.Themachine will countdownandstartautomatically a t the correct t ime. Pressing the START/RESET
buttonwill cancel the DELAYSTARTselection. N OTE:If youforgetto latchtile door,a reminder signal w ill beepuntilyou doso.
RESET To change a cycleafter washingstarts,touchthe START/RESETpad to cancel t he cycle.After water is pumpedoutandthe motor
stops,youcarl reprogram andrestartthe dishwasheE Thiswill takeapproximately 90seconds.
Clos_ and latch the dool_ Tou(h Ihe START/RESETpad to begin tim (v(l_. Wal(r till b(gins, and approximately 40 se(on(ls later
the ',;_sh attion begins.
NOTE..'The dishw;isher remember,, your last cycle so you don't have to rcprogram
each time. When the dishwasher is loade(l an(l
the door lalch is in the locked position, the control panel lights will be ON and display the last setting;,, you selected.
If you don't wmm to change any of the settings, simply touch th(_ START/RESETpad to begin the cy,.le.
Also, ifa l)ox_ert,_ilur( oc(:u£_,NORMALand SPEEDDRY/HEATED ORYwill automati(ally b(
Mak( any new s(l(clions
m_d touch the START/RESETp;_d to begin the ()'(It.
This light is illumin_m*d ',_,[l(_n _1',_,_lsh cy,.l(_is complct,.*. The light ',,.illstay 0Nuntil
th,.*(loor is opcm'd.



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