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  • Page 2: Specifications

    PECIFICATIONS MODEL RFR2210 RFR2212 RFR2215 FEATURES Cone Surround Rubber Rubber Rubber Basket Cast Cast Cast Voice Coil Diameter 3" 4" 4" Aluminum Voice Coil Hyper-Extended Pole Piece Vented Pole Piece Aero-Vent Back Plate Magnet Bumper SPECIFICATIONS Nominal Impedance 4 x 2...

  • Page 3: Practice Safe Sound

    To add the finishing touch to your new Rockford Fosgate image order your Rockford wearables, which include everything from T-shirts and jackets to hats and sunglasses. To get a free brochure on Rockford Fosgate products and Rockford wearables, in the U.S. call 602-967-3565 or FAX 602-967-8132. For all other countries, call +001-602- 967-3565 or FAX +001-602-967-8132.

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    Installation Section of this manual or refer to the icon listed below. Other information can be located by using the Table of Contents. We, at Rockford Fosgate, have worked very hard to make sure all the information in this manual is current. But, as we are constantly finding new ways to improve our product, this information is subject to change without notice.

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    N T R OD U C T I O N The Power DVC Woofers are 10", 12" & 15" low frequency drivers with dual 4 ohm voice coils. The Power DVC woofers were designed for use primarily in small sealed & small ported enclosures. By utilizing the latest materials and construction techniques, we are able to offer a speaker with high output at low frequencies while requiring a minimum of operating space.

  • Page 6: Recommended Enclosures

    ® ® NSTALLATION Recommended Enclosures Power DVC 10" Recommended Ported 1.0 ft (28.32L) Recommended Sealed 0.75ft (21.24L) W = 15" D = 10" W = 15" D = 13.5" (38.10cm) (25.40cm) (38.1cm) (34.29cm) Range in Cubic Feet Range in Cubic Feet *Fb = 35 Hz Pd = 3"...

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    Building an Enclosure To work properly, the walls of the enclosure must be rigid and not flex when subjected to the high pressures generated by the speaker's operation. For optimum performance, we recommend using 3/4" MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and internal bracing. The enclo- sure should be glued together and secured with nails or screws.

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    ® ® Wiring Configurations Three configurations for connecting speakers to an amplifier are Series, Parallel, and Series-Parallel wiring. A Series configuration consists of two or more speakers wired in an string (end to end). A Parallel configuration consists of two or more speakers wired with the common terminals connected across each other.

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    • Who is Covered This warranty covers only the original purchaser of Rockford product purchased from an Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer in the United States. In order to receive service, the purchaser must provide Rockford with a copy of the receipt stating the customer name, dealer name, product purchased and date of purchase.

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    LEA DETENIDAMENTE LAS SIGUIENTES INSTRUCCIONES DE INSTALACÍON DEL PRODUCTO. NTRODUCCÍON Los woofers Power DVC son una gama completa de drivers de baja frecuéncia que comprenden diámetros de 10" a 15". Diseñada para ofrecer la máxima calidad, los Woofers ofrecen al entusiasta principiante en sistemas de car audio, la oportunidad para disfrutar de un bajo sólido en las bajas frecuéncias.

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    VEUILLEZ LIRE LES INSTRUCTIONS SUIVANTES POUR L'INSTALLATION DE CE PRODUIT. NTR O D UCTION Les woofers Power DVC sont une gamme complète de haut-parleurs de graves allant de 25 à 38 cm et disponibles en 4 x2. En utilisant les techniques et les matériaux de construction les plus récents, nous sommes parvenus à...

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    BITTE LESEN SIE DIESE GEBRAUCHSANLEITUNG ZUERST SORGFÄLTIG DURCH. DAS KANN SIE VOR FALSCHEM EINSATZ, AUSFALLEN ODER SOGAR BESCHÄDIGUNG DES PRODUKTES ODER IHRES FAHRZEUGES SCHÜTZEN. INLEITUNG Die Power DVC Woofer sind eine komplette Produktlinie von Tief- Frequenzlautsprechern mit Durchmesser von 25 cm bis zu 38 cm, erhältlich in der Impendanz 4 Ohm x 2.

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    LEGGERE CON ATTENZIONE LE SEGUENTI ISTRUZIONI PRIMA DELL'INSTALLAZIONE DEL PRODOTTO. NTRODUZIONE I woofer Power DVC sono una linea completa di altoparlanti per basse frequenze con diametri che vanno da 25 a 38 cm e disponibili sia a 4 ohm x 2. Impiegando le piú aggiomate tecnologie e materiali, siamo in grado di offrire altoparlanti che possono riprodurre un'elevata pressione sonora alle basse frequenze mantenendo i volumi di impiego assolutamente ridotti.

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    American companies. However, due to the global nature of their manufacturing facilities and the loudspeaker parts industry in general, some parts may be manufactured in other countries. Rockford Fosgate Rockford Corporation 546 South Rockford Drive Tempe, Arizona 85281 U.S.A.

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