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Storage; Fuel - Honda Marine BF115D Owner's Manual

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Depending on the region where you
operate your outboard, f uel
f ormulations may deteriorate and
oxidize rapidly. Fuel deterioration
and oxidation can occur in as little
as 15 days and may cause damage to
the f uel system. Please check with
your servicing dealer f or local
storage recommendations.
Gasoline will oxidize and deteriorate
in storage. Old gasoline will cause
hard starting, and it leaves gum
deposits that clog the fuel system. If
the gasoline in your fuel tank and
vapor separator deteriorates during
storage, you may need to have the
vapor separator and other fuel system
components serviced or replaced.
The length of time that gasoline can
be left in your fuel tank and vapor
separator without causing functional
problems will vary with such factors
as gasoline blend, your storage
temperatures, and whether the fuel
tank is partially or completely filled.
The air in a partially filled fuel tank
promotes fuel deterioration. Very
warm storage temperatures accelerate
fuel deterioration. Fuel deterioration
problems may occur in less than 15
days, if the gasoline was not fresh
when you filled the fuel tank.
You can extend fuel storage life by
adding a gasoline stabilizer that is
formulated for that purpose, or you
can avoid fuel deterioration problems
by draining all the fuel from the fuel
tank and vapor separator.
Distributor's Limited Warranty
) does not cover fuel system
damage or engine performance
problems resulting from neglected
storage preparation.
Adding a Fuel Stabilizer
When adding a fuel stabilizer, fill the
fuel tank with fresh gasoline. If only
partially filled, air in the tank will
promote fuel deterioration during
storage. If you keep an additional
container of gasoline for refueling,
be sure that it contains only fresh
Drain the vapor separator before
adding fuel stabilizer.
Add Honda Marine fuel stabilizer
following the instructions on the
After adding a fuel stabilizer, run
the engine in water for 10 minutes
to be sure that the treated gasoline
has replaced the untreated gasoline
in the vapor separator.
Turn the engine OFF.


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