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Battery; Emission Control System Information - Honda Marine BF115D Owner's Manual

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For complete information, refer to
the battery manufacturer's
Minimum Requirements
12V 64Ah/5HR (80Ah/20HR)
Be caref ul to avoid connecting the
battery in reverse polarity, as this
will damage the battery-charging
system in the outboard motor.
Do not disconnect the battery
cables while the engine is running.
Disconnecting the cables while the
engine is running will damage the
outboard motor's electrical system.
Battery cable extension: Extending
the original battery cable will
cause the battery voltage to drop
due to the increased length of the
cable and number of connections.
This voltage drop may cause the
buzzer to sound momentarily when
engaging the starter motor and
may prevent the engine f rom
starting. If the engine starts and
the buzzer sounds momentarily,
there may be barely suf f icient
voltage reaching the engine.
Battery posts, terminals,
and related accessories contain lead
and lead compounds.
Wash your
hands after handling.
Emission Control System
Source of Emissions
The combustion process produces
carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen,
and hydrocarbons. Control of
hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen
is very important because, under
certain conditions, they react to form
photochemical smog when subjected
to sunlight. Carbon monoxide does
not react in the same way, but it is
Honda utilizes appropriate air/fuel
ratios and other emissions control
systems to reduce the emissions of
carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen,
and hydrocarbons.


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