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About The Machine - Pullman Holt 86ASB-5D4C Operation & Care Instructions Manual

Compact dry asbestos vacuum cleaner
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NOTE: No lubrication is required. Service of electrical parts must be
performed by an authorized service representative.
Over filling the bag will result in loss of vacuum efficiency. The
recommended bag replacement procedure is as follows:
1. Remove vacuum head and HEPA filter.
2. Tape a 6 mil poly bag over the canister so that the canister is
completely enclosed.
3. Using the poly bag as a glove,disengage the paper bag from the
vacuum inlet stem inside the canister.
4. Invert the canister so that the paper bag falls into the poly bag.
Seal the poly bag and dispose as prescribed by law.
5. Attach a new paper bag to the vacuum inlet securely and fold the
top of the bag down so it does not interfere with the HEPA filter.
6. Replace the HEPA filter and motor head.
7. Thoroughly vacuum the work area to recover any asbestos dust
which may have been dropped.
Periodically inspect all filters for build-up.
1. The primary filter (paper bag) is completely sealed and cannot be
reused (dry units only). When the bag is filled to the point where
vacuum efficiency is reduced, it must be replaced with a new
one. Remove the filled paper bag, place in the specially marked
plastic bag and dispose of properly. Reinstall a new primary fil-
ter (paper bag) as stated in "Filter Installation". Do not operate
vacuum cleaner for dry pick-up without the primary filter (paper
bag) installed.
2. The pre-filter is attached to the lower face of the HEPA filter with
a velcro strip. Should this filter become visibly dirty or clogged,
replace it. Place the used filter in a specially marked bag, seal
and dispose of properly.
3. The final or HEPA filter is a sealed unit and cannot be cleaned.
Periodically make a visual inspection of this filter for excessive
amounts of debris. If the filter appears to be clogged,has a hole,
or has changed color (should be white), indicating excessive dirt
build-up, replace with a new filter, making sure to install new
secondary and primary filters. Place the used filter in the spe-
cially marked plastic bag, seal and dispose of properly.
To effectively control asbestos dust emissions from the vacuum
cleaner, All filters must be in place at all times.
If any visible dust particle emissions are observed in the vacu-
um exhaust air stream, stop operations immediately. If this
occurs, the HEPA filter has ruptured and must be replaced.


Store in a dry location indoors. Wrap the cord carefully around the
vacuum head to avoid accidental damage.
The vacuum motor is warranted for 1 year and other parts except fil-
ters for 90 days from the date of purchase as shown on your
distributor's invoice.
defective parts or workmanship and will be invalidated by improper
application or abusive damage.
In NO circumstance should you return a failed unit to the factory or
a service center.
If you experience any problems with your vacuum during the
warranty period,contact the Pullman-Holt National Service Manager
in Tampa, FL at (800)237-7582.
Filter Care & Maintenance
1. Unclamp the motor head, remove it from the canister and care-
2. Carefully remove the HEPA filter from the canister, invert it and
3. Install a new pre-filter. Be sure that the entire edge of the pre-
4. Examine the disposable paper bag and change it if it appears to
5. Replace the HEPA filter and motor head on the canister and close
The warranty covers only failure due to
This vacuum is intended for indoor and outdoor use and for
wet or dry pick-up. It is not intended to be exposed to rain.
fully set it aside.
remove the pre-filter which is attached to the HEPA filter bottom.
Dispose of the pre-filter in a properly marked and sealed poly
filter is firmly in contact with the velcro strip on the HEPA filter.
be full. (see next section.)
the clamps.



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