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Whirlpool SF387LEGN1 Use & Care Manual page 9

Self-cleaning super capacity 465 with accubake system 4.65 cubic foot oven
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• Do not line the oven bottom with any type of
foil, liners, or cookware. Permanent damage
will occur to the oven bottom finish.
• Do not block the oven bottom vents.
• Do not cover the entire rack with aluminum foil.
] Doing so will reduce air
J circulation and overall
oven performance.
• To catch spillovers
from pies or casseroles
place foil on the oven
rack below. Foil should
be turned up at edges
and be at least 1 inch
larger than dish.
• Place tent-shaped
foil loosely over meat or
poultry to slow down surface browning for long
term roasting. Remove foil for the last 30 minutes.
• Use narrow
strips of foil to shield piecrust edges
if browning too quickly.
Baking performance is affected by the type of bakeware used. Use the bakeware size recommended in the recipe.
Light colored aluminum
• Light golden crusts
• Use temperature and time recommended
• Even browning
in recipe.
• Brown, crisp crusts
Dark aluminum and other
bakeware with dark, dull,
and/or non-stick finish
• May reduce baking temperature 25°F.
• Use suggested baking time.
• Use temperature and time recommended in recipe
for pies, breads, and casseroles.
• Place rack in center of oven.
Ovenproof glassware,
• Brown, crisp crusts
• May reduce baking temperature 25°F.
ceramic glass, or ceramic
Insulated cookie sheets or
• Little or no bottom browning
• Place in the bottom third of oven.
baking pans
• May need to increase baking time.
Stainless steel
• Light, golden crusts
• May need to increase baking time.
• Uneven browning
• Crisp crusts
• Follow manufacturer's instructions.



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