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Range - Whirlpool SF387LEGN1 Use & Care Manual

Self-cleaning super capacity 465 with accubake system 4.65 cubic foot oven
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Pull the burner cap straight up from the
burner base.
Clean the burner cap with warm, soapy water
and a sponge. You can also clean it with a
mildly abrasive scrubbing pad or cleanser.
Do not clean the burner cap in a dishwasher or
self-cleaning oven.
If the gas tube opening has become soiled or
clogged, use a cotton swab or a soft cloth to
clean the area.
If the ports are clogged, clean them with a
straight pin. Do not
enlarge or distort the
port. Do not use a
wooden toothpick. If
the burner needs to be
adjusted, call a qualified
technician for service.
5. After cleaning the gas tube opening and ports,
replace the burner cap.
pin ...............
To replace the burner
F ......
cap, make sure the
alignment pins on
the burner cap are
properly aligned with
the burner base.
6. Turn on the burner to see if it will light. If the
burner does not light after you have cleaned it,
contact a designated service technician.
not service the sealed burner yourself.
For normal use of your range, you do not need to
remove the door. However, if you find it necessary
to remove the door, follow the instructions
in this
NOTE: The oven door is heavy.
Before removing
the door:
Use a putty knife or screwdriver and insert it at
the bottom corner of the door stop clip.
2. Pry door stop clip free and remove from front
frame hinge slot. Take care not to scratch
3. Repeat procedure for other door stop clip.
Door removal
Door stop clip
pin hole
Front frame
hinge slot



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