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Notes On Using The Camera - Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W215 Instruction Manual

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Notes on usingthe camera
Internal memory and "Memory
Stick Duo" media back up
Do not turn off the camera, remove the batter_
pack, or remove the "Memory Stick Duo" media
while the access lamp is lit. Otherwise, the
internal memory data or "Memory Stick Duo"
media may be damaged. Be sure to make a backup
copy to protect your data.
Notes on recording/playback
• Before you start recording, make a trial
recording to make sure that tile camera is
working correctly.
• The camera is neither dust-pronE
nor splash-
proof, nor water-prooE
Read "Precautions"
(page 35) belore operating tile camera.
• Avoid exposing the camera to water. If water
enters inside tile camera, a mallhnction
occl/r, hi some cases, tile camera cannnt be
• Do not aim the camera at the sun or other bright
light. It may cause tile malflmction
of the
• Do not use tile camera near a location that
generates strong radio waves or emits radiation.
Otherwise, the camera may not properly record
or play back images.
• Using the camera in sandy or dusty locations
may cause malfi.mctions.
• If moistm'e condensation
occurs, remove it
belore using the camera (page 35).
• Do not shake or strike the camera. It may cause
a malflmction
and you may not be able to record
images. Furthernlore,
the recording media may
become unusable or image data may be
• Clean the flash snrlace before use. The heat of
flash emission may cause dirt on the flash
smi_.tce to become discolored or to stick to tile
flash surl'.tce, resulting in insufficient
Notes on the LCD screen and
• Tile LCD screen is manufactured
extremely high-precisinn
so over
99.99% of tile pixels are operational for
efli_ctive use. However, some tiny black and/or
bright dots (white, red, blue or green) may
appear on the LCD screen. These dots are a
normal result of the manufacturing
process, and
do not affect the recording.
• When tile battery level becomes low, the lens
might stop moving. Insert a charged battery
pack and turn on tile camera again.
On image data compatibility
• The camera c(mforms with DCF (Design rule
for Camera File system) universal standard
by JEITA (Japan Electronics and
lnfi_rmation Technology
• Sony does not guarantee
that tile camera will
play back images recorded or edited with other
equipment, or that other equipment will play
back images recorded with tile camera.
On the overheat protection
The povv'er may go off atm_matically to protect the
camera depending on tile temperature
of the unit
or tile battery pack. In this case, the message
appears on tile screen before the power goes off.
Warning on copyright
Tele,Asion programs, fihns, videotapes, and other
materials may be copyrighted.
recording of such materials may be contrary to the
provisions of the copyright laws.
No compensation for damaged
content or recording failure
Sony cannot compensate
fnr failure to record or
loss or damage of recorded content due to a
of the camera or recording media,


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