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Printed on 70% or more recycled paper.
Impreso en papel reciclado en un 70% o mils.
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Digital HD Video Camera Recorder
Guia de operaciones
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   Summary of Contents for Sony HDR-CX150

  • Page 1

    Web de atenci6n cliente. htt p:// I-I/MI-I r__/Mrrl Printed on 70% or more recycled paper. Impreso en papel reciclado en un 70% o mils. III I IIII IIII II Printed in China © 2010 Sony Corporation 4170896120...

  • Page 2

    Record the serial number operating and maintenance in the space provided below. Refbr to these (servicing) instructions in numbers whenew, r you call upon your Sony the literature accompanying dealer regarding this product. the appliance. Model No. HDR- Serial No.

  • Page 3

    SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. DANGER - TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, CAREFULLY FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS. • Read these instructions. • Keep these instructions. • Heed all warnings. • Follow all instructions. • Do not use this apparatus near water. •...

  • Page 4

    Representative plug of power supply cord of countries/regions around the world. A l_T,e B 'I_T,e BF l_T,e B3 'I?q_e C Type SE "I?q_e O "I_T,e (American (British Type) (British Type) (British'I?_pe) ((EE'I_,pe) (CEE'I_pe) (Ocean 'I_,pe) 133,e) The representatiw, supply voltage and plug type are described in this chart. Depend on an area, Diffbrent type of plug and supply voltage are used.

  • Page 5

    Countries/regions Voltage Frequency (Hz) Plugtype VietllalIl Oceania Countries/regions Voltage Frequency (Hz) Plugtype Australia New Zealand 230/240 North America Countries/regions Voltage Frequency (Hz) Plugtype Canada Central America Countries/regions Voltage Frequency (Hz) Plugtype Bahamas 120/240 Costa Rica Cuba 110/220 Dominican (rep) El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Jamaica...

  • Page 6

    • Be sure to charge the battery pack using a rechargeable batteries, call toll genuine Sony battery charger or a device that free 1-800-822- 8837, or visit can charge the battery pack. • Keep the battery pack out of the reach of small...

  • Page 7

    Trade Name: SONY You are cautioned that any changes or Model No.: HDR-CX110 modifications not expressly approved in Responsible Party: Sony Electronics Inc. this manual could w_id your authority to Address: 16530 Via Esprillo, San Diego, operate this equipment. CA 92127 U.S.A.

  • Page 8

    equipment and r eceiver. Battery pack - Connect the e quipment into a n outlet on a circuit different ficom that to which the receiver is connected. - Consult the d ealer or an experienced radio/ TV technician *br help. The supplied interface cable must be used \\\\ with the equipment in order to comply with...

  • Page 9

    On recording AVCHD fbotage should not be used with DVD based players or recorders, as the DVD player/ • To ensure stable operation of the memory card, recorder may Ihil to eject the media and may it is recommended to initialize the memory erase its contents without warning.

  • Page 10

    + memory card Notes on optional accessories • We recommend using genuine Sony accessories. • Genuine Sony accessories may not be available in some countries/regions. About this manual, illustrations on-screen displays • The example images used in this manual for...

  • Page 11

    • Do not do aW of the lbllowing. Otherwise, recording media may be damaged, recorded images may be impossible to play back or may be lost, or other malfunctions could occur. - ejecting the memory card when the access lamp (p. 22) is lit or flashing - removing the battery pack or AC Adaptor f)com the camcorder, or applying mechanical shock or vibration to the camcorder...

  • Page 12

    Operation flow Getting started (p. 15) Prepare the power source and memory card. ,o__, Recording movies and photos (p. 23) Recording movies p. 25 "_" Changing the recording mode "_" Expected recording time(MEDIA INFO) Shooting photos p. 27 Playing movies and photos Playback on the camcorder p.

  • Page 13

    Table of contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ............Read this first ..................Operation flow .................._ Getting started Step 1 : Charging the battery pack ............. Charging the battery pack abroad ............ Step 2:Turning the power on, and setting the date and time ......

  • Page 14: Table Of Contents

    Saving images with an external device Saving images in external media (DIRECT COPY) ........... Creating a disc with a DVD writer, recorder .........._ Customizing your camcorder Using menus ..................Getting detailed information from the'Handycam" Handbook ......_ Additional information Troubleshooting ................

  • Page 15

    Step 1" Charging the battery pack HDR-CX110/CX150 DC IN jack Battery pack DC plug 3 CHG AC Adaptor Power cord (Mains lead) CHG (charge)lamp To the wall outlet (wall socket) HDR-XR150 DCIN jack Battery pack DC plug AC Adaptor Power cord (Mains lead)

  • Page 16

    You can charge the "InfoLITHIUM" battery pack (V series) after attaching it to your camcorder. (_ Notes • 5_u cannot attach any "InibLITHIUM" battery pack other than the V series to your camcorder. Turn offyour camcorder by closing the LCDscreen. Attach the battery pack by sliding it in the direction...

  • Page 17

    To use a wall outlet (wall socket) as a power source Make the same connections as "Step 1: Charging the batter), pack." Even if the batter), pack is attached, the battery pack is not discharged. Notes on the battery pack •...

  • Page 18

    Step 2:Turning the power on, and setting date and time Open the LCD screen of your camcorder. Your camcorder is turned on. • To turn on )Tour c amcorder when the LCD screen is open, pressPOWER. MODE lamp POWER button Select the desired geographical area with _/_,...

  • Page 19

    {_ Notes • The date and time does not appear during recording, but they are automatically recorded on the recording media, and can be displayed during playback. To display the date and time, toucb (MENU) _ [Sbow others] _ [PLAYBACK SETi (under _ [PLAYBACKI category) _ [DATA COl)El _...

  • Page 20

    Step 3: Preparing the recording media The recording media that can be used diftk, rs depending o11your camcorder. The fbllowing icons are displayed on the screen of your camcorder. HDR-CXll0 Memory card HDR-CX150 Internal Memory memory card HDR-XR150 " Internal hard Memory disk...

  • Page 21

    Touch EYES] -_* _. The recording medium is changed. To checkthe recording media settings !n ei ther movie recording mode or phot o recording in0de, the media icon of the Selected recording inedia is displayed at the top right Corner Of the Screen.

  • Page 22

    • Do not attach a label or the like on "Memory Stick PRO Dud' media or "Memory Stick Duo" media adaptor. Open cover, insert memory card with the nothched edge in the direction as illustrated until it clicks. • (;lose the cover al}er inserting the memory card. Note direction of notched corner.

  • Page 23

    Recording In the default setting, movies are recorded with high definition image quality (HD) on the fbllowing media, HDR-CX110: Memory card HDR-CX150: Internal memory HDR-XR150: Internal hard disk _Tips • To change the recording media, see page 20 (HDR-CXIS0/XRIS0). To open the lens cover Slide the LENS COVER switch to open.

  • Page 24

    HDR-XR150 Open the LCD screen of your camcorder. Your camcorder is turned on. • To turn on your camcorder when the LCD screen is alreadyopen, press POWER(p. 18). • 5_u can switch recording modes by pressing MODE. Press MODEto light up the desired recording mode lamp.

  • Page 25

    Press START/STOP to start recording. • _\m can start recording also by touching • in the bottom leftof LCD screen. START/STOP button "o [STBY] ---_ [REC] To stop recording, press START/STOP again. • _\m can stop recording also by touching • in the bottom left of LCD screen. •...

  • Page 26

    • The fbllowing states will be indicated if data is still being written onto the recording media after recording has finished. During this time, do not apply shock or vibration to the camcorder, or remove the battery or AC Adaptor. - Access lamp (p.

  • Page 27

    In the default setting, photos are recorded on the following recording media. HDR-CX110: Memory card HDR-CX150: Internal memory HDR-XR150: Internal hard disk _Tips • To change the recording media, see page 20 (HDR-CXIS0/XR150). Press MODE to turn on the O (Photo) lamp. The LCD screen display switches for photo recording mode, and the screen aspect ratio becomes 4:3.

  • Page 28

    Playback on !:hecamcorder In the default setting, movies and photos that are recorded on the following recording media are played. HDR-CX110: Memory card HDR-CX150: Internal memory HDR-XR150: Internal hard disk _Tips • To change the recording media, see page 20 (HDR-CXIS0/XRIS0). Open LCD screen of your camcorder.

  • Page 29

    [] Displays the screen toselect the i ndex type ( [DATE INDEX]/[ I m FILM ROLL]/ [[] FACE] ml_m/_ : Displays movies recorded on the previous/next date. _ [] U/_ : Displays the previous/next movie. [] Returns to the recording screen. _D_is displayed when _ is touched.

  • Page 30

    To adjust the sound volume of movies While playing back movies, touch _ ---+adjust with l'_m/_ ---+_'_lm • 5_u can also adjust the sound volume by using m/_ in the OPTION MENU. Viewing photos Your camcorder displays the selected photo. To start/stop slide Previous...

  • Page 31

    Playing images on a TV Connection methods and the image Touch I_I/IPl to select the input quality (high definition (HD) or standard definition (STD)) viewed on the TV screen jack of yourTV, then touch I_ttl. differ depending on what type of TV is •...

  • Page 32

    connecting cable with S VIDEO (sold Touch _ ---+EYES]. separately) S VIDEO • When the A/V connecting cable is used to output movies, movies are output with @ VIDEO standard definition image quality (STD). AUDIO (White)(Red) Play back movies and photos on (Ydlow) your camcorder (p.

  • Page 33

    • Copyrighbprotected images are not output By connecting Sony's Photo TV HD- fl'om the HDMI OUT jack of your camcorder. compatible devices using an HDMI cable _ • Some TVs may not function correctly (e.g., no or the component A/V cable _', a whole sound or image) with this connection.

  • Page 34

    Deleting movies and photos To delete movies, touch You can free media space by deleting movies and photos from recording media. [11:1 D ELETE]--_ [_11_ DELETE]or DELETE]. _) Notes • _u cannot restore images once they are • Tu delete photos, touch [ _DELETE] deleted.

  • Page 35

    To delete all the movies/photos recorded on the same day at one time {_ Notes • 5_u cannot delete photos on memory card by recording date. step 2, touch [It_DELETE] ---+ DELETE by date]/[ DELETE by date]. • To delete all photos on the same day at one time, touch [[]DELETE] [[]DELETE by date].

  • Page 36

    Preparing a computer (Windows) You call perform following operations using Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz or faster, or Intel "PMB (Picture Motion Browser)" Core 2 Duo 1.66 GHz or faster (Intel Core -hnporting images to a computer 2 Duo 2.26 GHz or faster is required when processing HD FX/HD...

  • Page 37

    XR [My Computer]), then double-click computer connected to your camcordm: [SONYPMB (E:)] (CD ROM) _. see the following website. × Drive names (such as (E:)) may vary depending on the computer. lnS/US_ Click [Install]. <. Install "PMB" before connecting your camcorder to a computer.

  • Page 38

    Read the terms of the license Click [Continue] on the computer screen. agreement carefully. If you agree to the terms, change (_ to _, and then click [Next] --_ [Install]. Follow on-screen instructions to install software. Turn on your camcorder, then •...

  • Page 39

    Starting (Picture Motion Browser) itlbllowing the p rocedures displayed. (The Double-click the "PMB" short-cut icon on computer must be connected to the i nternet the computer screen. lbr t he i nstallation.) 5bu m ay install Image Mastering API v2.0 f___r Windows XP in response...

  • Page 40

    Blu-ray disc .×with high definition image quality (HD) (p. 45) AVCHD format playback devices Creating a disc with one touch (OneTouch (a Sony Blu-ray disc player, Disc Burn) (p. 42) PlayStation(_)3, etc.) @ Importing movies and photos to a computer (p.

  • Page 41

    Discs you can use with "PMB" You can use 12 cm discs of fbllowing type with "PMB" For Blu-ray disc, see page 45. DVD-R/DVD+R/DVD+R Unrewritable DVD-RW/DVD+RW Rewritable {_ Notes • Always maintain your PlayStation®3 to use the latest version of the PlayStation®3 systmn soi_ware. •...

  • Page 42

    Creating a disc with one touch (OneTouch Disc Burn) Turn on your camcorder, then Movies and photos recorded Oll your connect the camcorder to the camcorder that haw, not yet been saw, d with One Touch Disc Burn function computer using the supplied be saw, d on a disc automatically.

  • Page 43

    Importing movies and photos to a computer Movies and photos recorded on your Click [Import]. camcorder can be imported to a computer. Turn on the computer befbrehand. • Refer to "PMB Help" (p. 39) fbr details. Notes • Connect your camcorder to the wall outlet (wall socket) using the supplied AC Adaptor fbr this operation (p.

  • Page 44

    Creating an AVCHD disc The window used to select movies You can create an AVCHD disc by putting appears, together high definition image quality • To add movies to the previously selected (HD) movies previously imported to your ones, select the movies in the main COlnputer (p.

  • Page 45

    Creating a standard definition image quality (STD) disc Creating a Blu-ray disc that can be played on You can create a Blu-ray disc with a high ordinary DVD players definition image quality (HD) movie previously imported to a computer You can create a standard definition image...

  • Page 46

    At the top of the window, click Editing movies -_, [Create DVD-Video Format You can cut out only necessary parts from a movie and save it as another file. Discs (STD)]. Double-click the movie to be edited The window used to select movies "PMB."...

  • Page 47: Saving Images In External Media (direct Copy)

    • For details on available external media, go to the HDR-CX110: Sony support website in your country/region. Movies and photos that have not yet been saved on to external media can Connect the ACAdaptor and the be saved.

  • Page 48

    • This screen will appear only when there (_) Touch [Play without copying.] in step 5 are newly recorded images. abow.. The VISUAL INDEX screen of the After the operation is completed, external media is displayed. touch _ on the camcorder @ Touch _ (MENU) ---+ [Show others] screen.

  • Page 49: Creating A Disc With A Dvd Writer, Recorder

    (wall socket) To finish the external media connection Player (_) Touch I!_ on the VISUAL INDEX Sony Blu ray disc player screen of the external media. PlayStationm_3, etc. @ Disconnect the USB Adaptor Cable. reating device •...

  • Page 50

    Player DVD player You can create a disc or play back the Computer that can play DVDs, etc. images on a created disc by using the dedicated DVD writer, DVDirect Express (sold separately). Refer also to the instruction manual supplied with the DVD writer.

  • Page 51

    To customize a disc with DISC BURN OPTION Insert an unused disc into the DVD writer, and close the disc Perform this operation in the following tray. cases: - When dubbing a desired image The [DIS(: BURN] screen appears Oll - When creating multiple copies of the same the camcorder screen.

  • Page 52

    @Touch _ ---* [ YES] on the camcorder To play backa disc on the DVD writer screen, • To create another disc of t he s ame contents, insert anew d isc and touch [CREATE SAME DISC]. @After the o peration iscompleted, touch [EXIT] --*[END] on the camcorder...

  • Page 53

    Touch the recording media that operation (p. 17). contains the images on the • Sony DVD writer may not be available in some camcorder screen. countries/regions. • Always maintain the firmware of the Sony [l_ USB CONNECT]: Internal DVDirect (DVD writer) to its latest version.

  • Page 54

    • Connect ),our camcorder to the wall outlet (wall socket) using the supplied AC Adaptor lbr this AUDIO operation (p. 17). • Sony DVD writer may not be available in some (Red) countries/regions. ('_Mlow) • High definition image quality (HD) movies will be dubbed with standard definition image quality (STD).

  • Page 55

    When the screen size of display devices (TV, Connect your camcorder to the etc.) is 4:3, touch | (MENU) _ [Show recording device (a disc recorder, others] _ [OUTPUT SETTINGS] (under C_ etc.) with A/V connecting [GENERAL gET] category) _ [TV TYPE] cable (supplied)

  • Page 56: Using Menus

    Using menus Using the menus, you can perfbrm useful functions and change various settings. If you make good use of menu operations, you can enjoy using your camcorder. The camcorder has various menu items under each of eight menu categories. MANUAL SETTINGS (Items to adjust...

  • Page 57

    {_ Notes • 5_u may not be able to set some menu items, depending on tlre recording or playback conditions. • Grayed out menu itenrs or settings are not available. OTips • Depending on the menu items being changed, ?:our camcorder switclres between playback nrode and recording mode (nrovie/plroto).

  • Page 58

    The OPTION MENU appears just like the pop-up window that appears when you right-click the mouse on a computer. \Vhen _ is displayed at bottom-right of the screen, you call use the OPTION MENU. You touch _, and the menu items you call change ill the context appear.

  • Page 59

    r/'g73 (MANUAL SETTINGS) category SCENESELECTION....Selects an appropriate recording setting according to the type of"scene, such as night view or beach. FADER........F ades scenes in or out. WHITE BAL.........Adjusts the color balance to the brightness of the recording environment. SPOT MTR/FCS ......Adjusts the brightness and focus for the selected subject simultaneousl3c SPOT METER ......Adjusts the brightness of images to a subject you touch on the screen.

  • Page 60

    (PHOTO SETTINGS) category []SELF-TIMER ......S ets the self timer when your camcorder is in photo recording mode. [] IMAGE SIZE......S ets the photo size. FILENO........Sets how to assign the file nmnber. (PLAYBACK) category VISUAL INDEX......Displays recording images as thumbnails (p.

  • Page 61

    _r_ E RASE/_m ERASE .. E rases movies fi'om a playlist. _r_ E RASE ALL/ [_ERASE ALL ....Erases all m ovies from a playlist. _r_ M OVE/[a2_m MOVE ... Changes the o rder of m ovies ina playlist. (OTHERS) category USB CONNECT _1 U SB CONNECT...

  • Page 62

    _b (GENERAL SET) category SOUND/DISP SET VOLUME......A djusts the volume of playback sound (p. 30). BEEP........S ets whether the camcorder sounds operation beeps or not. LCD BRIGHT.....Adjusts the brightness of the LCD screen. LCD BLLEVEL....A djusts the backlight of the LCD screen. LCD COLOR ......

  • Page 63: Getting Detailed Information From The'handycam" Handbook

    Getting detailed information from the "Handycam" Handbook To view the "Handycam" Handbook, double-click the short-cut icon Oll the The "Handycam" Handbook is a user guide colnputer screen. designed to be read on a computer screen. The "Hand},cam" Handbook is intended to be read when you want to know more about operating your camcorder.

  • Page 64: Troubleshooting

    START/STOP or PHOTO does not media in order to investigate the problem. record images. However, your Sony dealer will neither copy • Press MODE to turn on the 1_ (Movie) or I1_ nor retain your data. (Photo) lamp. • See the "Han@cam"...

  • Page 65

    The r ecording stops. C:06:1_1_ •The t emperature of y our camcorder • The battery pack temperature is high. Change extremely high/lo_: Turn off y our camcorder the battery pack or place it in a cool place. and leave itfor a while inacool/wann place.

  • Page 66: Precautions

    • The recording media is full. Delete unnecessary casing, unplug your camcorder and have it images (p. 34). checked by a Sony dealer be*bre operating • Photos cannot be recorded during processing. any further. \\_ait tbr a while, then record.

  • Page 67

    • Ifthe b attery electrolytic liquid has leaked: -Consult your local authorized Sony service About care and storage of the lens fhcility. • Wipe the surihce of the lens clean with a soft...

  • Page 68: Specifications

    Specifications System (See "Getting detailed information fi'om the Signal format: NTSC color, EIA standards "Handycanf' Handbook" on page 63.) to prevent HDTV 1080/60i specification the recovery of your data. Also, when you dispose Movie recording fbrmat: of the camcorder, it is recommended that you HD: MPEG4 AVC/H.264 AVCHD *brmat...

  • Page 69

    Color temperature: [AUTO], [ONE PUSH], 57x67x 114mm(21/4x23/4x41/2 [INDOOR] (3 200 K), [ OUTDOOR] in.) (w/h/d) including the projecting parts, (5 800 K) and the supplied rechargeable battery pack Minimum illmnination attached 11 Ix(lux) (in default setting, shutter speed l/60 Mass (approx.) second) HDR CX110/CX150: 3lx(lux) (LOW L UX i s set to[ON], shutter...

  • Page 70

    Expected charging and running time Internal memory for the supplied battery pack (in HDR-CX150 minute) High definition image quality (HD)in h (hour) and m (minute) HDR-CXll0/CX150 [HD FX] 1 h 25 m Charging time [HD FH] 1 h 55 m (full charge) [HD HQ] 3 h 50 m...

  • Page 71

    MODE]. Corporation. • On charging/recording/playback time • "x.v.Color" is a trademark of Sony Corporation. • "BIONZ" is a trademark of Sony Corporation. - Measured when using the camcorder at 25 °C (77 °F) (10 °C to 30 °C (50 °F to 86 °F) is •...

  • Page 72

    All other product names mentioned herein may be the trademarks or registered trademarks their respective companies. Furthermore, TMand @ are not mentioned in each case in this manual.

  • Page 73: Screen Indicators

    Screen indicators Upper right Upper left Center Upper right It][_ Recording image quality _R"_ (HD/STD) and recording *node (FX/FH/HQ/LP) Recording/playback/ editing media 0:00:00 Counter (hour:minute: second) Bottom Estimated recording [00min] remaining time Upper left WHITE BLACK FADER FADEFI FADER 9999 I_i'{_ Approximate number MENU...

  • Page 74: Parts And Controls

    Parts and controls Figures in ( ) are refbrence pages. Slide show button 101-0005 Data file name HDR-CX110/CX150 Protected image Index button • Indicators and their positions are approximate and may differ l_om what you actually see. • Some indicators may not appear, depending your camcorder model.

  • Page 75

    [_ RESET button Press RESET using a pointed object. Press RESET to initialize all the settings including the clock setting. [_ HDMI OUT jack (31) [_ _ (USB) jack (38, 42, 43, 47, 50) [_ MODE button (24) II;ll (movie)/O (Photo) lamps (24) [_ *_)(DISC BURN) button...

  • Page 76

    HDR-XR150 Power zoom lever [_ PHOTO button (27) [_ Battery pack (15) [_ START/STOP button (25) [_ CHG (charge) lamp (15) DC IN jack (15) A/V Remote Connector (31) _Grip belt (23) [_ Hook for a shoulder belt Memory card slot (22) BATT (battery) release lever (16) [_ Memory...

  • Page 77: Index

    Index LANGUAG E SET .......19 A/V connecting cable ...32, 54 Saving images in external media ..........47 AVCHD ........40 Screen indicators ......73 Macintosh ........37 Self diagnosis display ....65 Maintenance ........ 66 Battery pack ......... 15 Setting the date and time ...18 MANAGE MEDIA .....20 Blu ray disc ........

  • Page 78

    indice AJ.SOPORTE FOTO ....Edici6_ de peliculas ....Reparacidn ........AJ.SOPORTE PEL ...... Elementos suministrados .... 3 Reproducci6n ......AJUS.RELOJ ........ Encendido ........Reproducci6n de un disco AVCHD ........Ajuste de la l)cha y la hora ..13 Equip o .......... AJUSTE IDIOMA ......

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