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Sorting The Music List - Samsung LN52B750 User Manual

Series 750.
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Sorting the Music List
You can sort music files in the Music List by a particular standard.
1. Press the MEDIA.P button.
2. Press the _ or _. button to select Music, then press the ENTER _,_ button.
3. Press the A button to move to the Sort key Section.
4. Press the _ or _. button to select a sorting standard. (Basic View, Title, Artist,
Mood, Genre, Folder, Preference)
The Music files are sorted according to the newly selected sorting standard.
6. Press the T button to move to the File List Section. Press the _
ENTERIB# button to start playing music in the order selected by the user.
To move to the previous/next group, press the [_ (REW) or _
(FF) button.
Music information is automatically set. The mood information extracted from a
music file may differ from the expectations of the user. You can change the mood and preference.
If there is no title information for a music file, the filename is displayed.
If no information is available for the Artist, Album, Year, or Genre the corresponding item is displayed as blank.
Basic View
Shows the folders of the USB memory device. If you select a folder and press the ENTER _
button, only the music files
contained in the selected folder are displayed.
When sorted according to the Basic View, you cannot set Favorite files.
Sortsthe musictitlesin symbol/number/alphabet/special
order,andshowsthe musicfile.
Sortsthe musicfile byartistinsymbol/number/alphabet/special
Mood -_ Energetic / Rhythmical / Sad / Exciting / Calm / Unclassified
Sortsmusicfilesbythe mood.Youcanchangethe musicmoodinformation.
Sortsmusicfilesbythe genre.
Sorts music files by the folder. If there are many folders in USB, the files are shown in order in each folder. The music file in the
Root folder is shown first and the others are shown in alphabetical order by name.
_ _, / _ ;_ dr.
Sorts music files by preference (Favorite). You can change the music files preferences.
Changing the Favorites Setting
Select the desired music file in the File List Section, then press the Green button repeatedly until the desired setting appears.
Up to 3 stars can be selected.
The stars are for grouping purposes only. For example, the 3 star setting does not have any priority over the one star setting.


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