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Setup Menu; Setting The Time; Using The Sleep Timer; Setting The On / Offtimer - SAMSUNG Series 5+ 540 User Manual

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When Speaker
Select isset t oTV Speaker
* TV Speaker:
On, E xternal Speaker:
Ifthere isno video signal, both s peakers
will b e mute.
SPDIF Output
SPDIF (Sony Philips Digital Interface)is used to provide digital
sound, reducing interference going to speakers and various
digital devices such as an A/V Receiver/Home theater.
Audio Format: During the reception of a digital TV
broadcast, you can select the Digital Audio output
(SPDIF) format from the options PCM or Dolby Digital.
Audio Delay: Correct audio-video sync problems, when
watching TV or video, and when listening to digital audio
output using an external device such as an AV receiver
(0ms - 250ms).
Sound Reset (OK / Cancel)
Reset all sound settings to the factory defaults.
Setting the Time
MENU iTR-_ Setup -_ Time -_ ENTER IZ_
Clock: Setting the clock is for using various timer
features of the TV.
The current time will appear every time you press
the _NFO button.
If you disconnect the power cord, you have to set
the clock again.
Clock Mode (Auto / Manual)
- Auto: Set the current time automatically using the
time from a digital channel.
The antenna must be connected in order to set
the time automatically.
- Manual: Set the current time manually.
Depending on the broadcast station and signal,
the auto time set up may not be correct. In this
case, set the time manually.
Clock Set: Set the Month, Day, Year, Hour, Minute
and am/pm manually.
Available only when Clock Mode is set to
You can set the Month, Day, Year, Hour, and
Minute directly by pressing the number buttons
on the remote control.
DST (Daylight Saving Time) (Off/On):
Switches the
Daylight Saving Time function on or off.
This function is only available when the Clock
Mode is set to Auto.
Time Zone: Select your time zone.
This function is only available when the Clock
Mode is set to Auto.
Using the Sleep Timer
MENU iTrl _ Setup --_Time --_ Sleep Timer
Sleep Timer: Automatically shuts off the
TV after a preset period of time (30, G0, 90,
120, 150 and 180 minutes).
To cancel the Sleep Timer, select
Setting the On / Off Timer
MENU iTrl _ Setup --_Time --_Timer 1_ ENTER I_
Timer 1 / Timer 2 / Timer 3: Three different on / off
timer settings can be made. You must set the clock first.
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