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System Monitor-Receiver
Operating Instructions


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    Panasonlc • SuperFlat System Monitor-Receiver Operating Instructions CT-27SF35 CT-F2993 CT-F2993V CT-F2993X CT-32SF35 •CT-F3393 CT-F3393X CT-F3393V CT-36SF35 TQB2AA0245 PRINTED IN USA 80402...

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    WARNING WARNING: To reduce the risk of electric shock do not remove cover or back. No user-serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. intended to tell the user that user that important operating The lightning llash with arrow The exclamation point within head within...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents Congratulations ............Customer Record ..............Care and Cleaning ..............Specifications ................Installation ..............Television Location..............Optional Cable Connections ............. AC PowerSupply Cord ............Cable / Antenna.._ ..............Cable Connection ..............Antenna Connection ..............Optional Equipment Connections ..........To Audio AMP (Amplifier) ............

  • Page 4: Congratulations

    The modeland serialnumberof thisproductare locatedon the backofthe -rv. You should note the model and serial number in the space providedand retain as a permanentrecord of your purchase. This will aid in identification in the event of theft or loss. Product registrationis availableat .Model Number...

  • Page 5: Installation

    INSTALLA TION Installation Television Location This unit is intendedto be used with an optionalstand or entertainmentcenter. Consulty.0_u_ dealerfor availableoptions. Avoidexcessivesunlightor brightlights,including reflections. Keep away from excessive heat or moisture. Inadequateventilationmay cause internal component f ailure. Fluorescent lightingmay reduceRemote Controltransmitting range. Keep away from magneticequipment,including motors, f ans, or externalspeakers.

  • Page 6: Optional Equipment Connections

    INSTALLATION Optional Equipment Connections VCR's, video disc players, video game consoles, and DSS equipment can also be connected tb the video inputs. See the optional equipment manual for details. TERMINALS ON BACK OF "IV CABLES NOT SUPPLIED Procedure Connectequipmentas shownto rear Audio/Videoinputjacks. Selectthe Video mode by pressingW/VIDEO button.

  • Page 7: Dolby Center Channel Input Connection

    INSTALLA"I DOLBYCENTERCHANNELINPUT YourTV can be configured to use the TV speakers as center channel speakers in Dolby* surround sound transmission. Connect a Dolby surround amplifier to CENTER CHANNEL INPUT on the back of the "IV as shown. DOLBY CENTER MODE & FIXED AUDIO OUT must be selected in the AUDIO Roller Guide menu under SPEAKERS.

  • Page 8: Cable Converter Box Connection

    INSTALLATION Recommended Cable Converter Box Connection When connecting a cable Company supplied converter box for scrambled (premium) channels, we recommend making your connections as shown below so that the converter box is required only when viewing scrambled channels. ANT 1 mode (accessed by the SET UP RollerGuide Icon in the Prog.Chan sub menu) will allow you to view all non scrambled channels without the use of the cable converter box.

  • Page 9: Picture In Picture (pip) Operation

    PICTURE IN PICTURE (PIP) OPERA TION Picture In Picture (PIP) Operation With / Without a VCR and Cable Box This television includes a two tuner Picture In Picture (PIP) feature. This allows watching-two (2) live broadcasts at the same time without or with an external video source (VCR). Without a VCR (External Video Source)

  • Page 10: With A Vcr - No Cable Box

    PICTURE IN PICTURE (PIP) OPERATION (CONT.) Picture In Picture (PIP) Operation (Cont.) With a VCR - No Cable Box This television includes a two tuner Picture In Picture (PIP) feature. This allows watching-two (2) live broadcasts at the same time without or with an external video source (VCR). Connect your television to a VCR, as shown.

  • Page 11: Roller Guide Menu

    ROLLER GUIDE MENU Roller Guide Menu Press the ACTION button in the middle of the large blue button on the Remote Cont_blto displaythe RollerGuide menu. Pressthe CH (channel) up/downto rotatethe Roller Guide. Press the Left VOL (volume) buttonto exitthe RollerGuidemenu. Note: Be carefulto press theACTION button in the middle of the button.

  • Page 12: Roller Guide Feature Chart

    ROLLER GUIDE MENU CHART Roller Guide Menu Chart iil¸i_: _i ;! ..Select English, Spanish, or French menu. MODE.- Select Cable or TV. See Installation section in Manual. ANTENNA - Select ANT 1 or ANT 2. AUTO PROGRAM - Automatically program channels with a signal into memory.

  • Page 13

    ROLLER GUIDE MENU CHART Roller Guide Menu Chart (Cont.) ON - TV speakers operate normally. OFF&VAO (Variable Audio Output) - TV speakers off - audio adjustable by "IV. OFF&FAO (Fixed Audio Output)- TV SPEAKERS off -- audio adjustable only by the external amplifier.

  • Page 14

    ROLLER GUIDE MENU CHART Roller Guide Menu Chart (ConL) Select channels to lock for 12, 24, or 48 hours with a secret code. Lock video games, cable box, and VCR's from being viewed for 12, 24, or 48 hours with a I secret code.

  • Page 15: Special Features

    SPECIAL FEATURES Special Features Set Up Language In SET UP Menu, select IDIOMNLANGUE to change menu language to ENGLISH, ESPANOL, or FRAN(_AIS. MODE ENGLISH In SET UP menu, select PROG CHAN to select "IV or ANTENNA MODE depending on the signal source.

  • Page 16: Sleep Timer

    SPECIAL FEATURES Timer Sleep 4" In TIMER menu, select SLEEP to turn TV off in 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Select NO to turn off timer. HOW LONG? Note: SLEEP and TIMER features are unavailable when AUTO POWER is on. Timer I and Timer 2 In TIMER menu select two timers, TIMER 1 and TIMER 2, to turn the TV on and off at selected times, on selected channels, and on selected days.

  • Page 17: Picture Adjustments

    SPECIAL FEATURES Picture Other Adjustments Use these pictureadjustments to digitallyimprovethe picturequality. In PICTURE menu underOTHER ADJ., selectCOLOR TEMP (temperature)to increaseor decreasewarm (red) and cool(blue)colors._to suit personalpreferences. Select AUTO COLOR to maintainconsistent c olor andtint. Select AI PICTURE to optimizecontrast. Select3D Y/C FILTERto minimizenoiseor crosscolorin the picture. COLOR TEMP NORMAl AUTO COLOR...

  • Page 18: Locking Channels And Games (video Input)

    SPECIAL FEATURES LOCK Game Guard - Channel - All In Lockmenu, selectGAME GUARD to lockChannel3, Channel 4, and video inputsfor 12, 24, or 48 hours by enteringa three-digitsecretcode usingthe numerickeypad. Select CHANFTEE to lockall channelsor selectALL to lockbothchannelsand videoinput. UnlockGAME GUARD by re-entering the same three-digit secretcode. LocKS CH 3, 4, AND VIDEO INPUTS HOW LONG?

  • Page 19: Unlocking Channels Lock And Game Lock

    SPECIAL FEATURES Unlocking Channel, Game Guard, and All Enter the same three-digit code. If the three-digit code is not the same as entered previously. If the same three-digit code is used.

  • Page 20: Troubleshooting Chart

    TROUBLESHOOTING CHART Troubleshooting Chart Before calling for service, determine the symptoms and follow suggested solutions. Adjust Antenna Location and Connection Snowy Video Noisy Audio Adjust Antenna Location and Connection Check Antenna Lead-in Wire Noisy Aua_o Multiple Image Move "IV from Electrical Appliances, Lights, Vehicles, and Medical Equipment Noisy Auato Interlerence...

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