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LG MFL31245144 Owner's Manual page 18

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• This Start/Pause button is used to start
wash cycle or pause the wash cycle.
C} Soak
'_} Pre Wash
t) Rinse+Spin
() Spin Only
{.i Dry Only
• By pressing the option
button, only one option
functions may be selected.
• If temporary stop of wash cycle is needed,
press "Start/Pause" button.
• When in Pause, the power is turned off
automatically after 4 minutes.
• NB, The door will not open before 1 to
2 minutes when Pause is selected,
or at the end of the wash cycle.
Time Left
• Lights whenever the door of the washer is
• The door can be unlocked by pressing the
Start/Pause button to stop the washer.
• The door can be opened after a short delay.
Tin'_e Left
• Use this mode to wash normal clothes or
think and heavy clothes which are
excessively dirty.
• Available in Cotton, Cotton-Eco and
• Use this option for load that need
pretreatment. Adds 17 minutes pre wash
and drain.
- When using Pre Wash option, do not use
liquid detergent in the main wash
comportment. Use powered for the main
• Available in Cotton, Cotton-Eco and
3, Rinse÷Spin
• Use this option to rinse and then spin.
•While the "Detecting" is shown in the display
the machine rotates slowly and detects how
many laundries are loaded in the drum.
It will take a few seconds.
• Available in Cotton, Cotton-Eco and Synthetic.
• When you want spin only, select the this
5: Dry
• When you want Dry only, select the this
The required lamp will light up jbr identification.



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