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LG MFL31245144 Owner's Manual page 11

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• Level adjustment
Adjusting the washing machine level properly prevents excessive
noise and vibration.
Install the appliance on a solid and level floor surface, preferably in a
corner of the room.
Timber or suspendedtype flooring may contribute to
excessivevibration and unblance errors.
2. If the floor is uneven, adjust the adjustable
feet as required.
(do not
insert pieces of wood etc. under the feet)
Make sure that all four feet are stable and resting on the floor and
then check that the appliance is perfectly level. (use a spirit level)
After the washer is level, tighten the lock nuts up towards of the base of
the washer. All lock nuts" must be tightened.
In the case that the washing machine is installed on a raised
it must be securely fastened in order
to eliminate the risk that it might fall off.
I" Diagonal Cheek
When pushing down the edges of the washing machine topplate diagonally, the machine
should not move up aM down at all. (Please,check both of two _dreetiom)
If machine rocks when pushing the machine topplate diagonally, adjust thefeet again.
[] Concrete floors
• The installation
and level.
• Installwasher on a flat hard floor.
[] Tile floors (Slippery floors)
• Positioneach footon the Tread Mate and levelthe machineto suit. (Cut Tread Mate into 70x70 mm
sectionsand stickthe pieceson to the dry tilewhere machineis to be placed.)
_, TreadMate isa serfadhesive material usedon ladders & stepsthat prevents slipping.
[] Wooden
Rubber Cup
• Wooden floors are particularly susceptible to vibration.
• To prevent vibration we recommend you place rubber cups under each foot,
at least ]Smm thick under the washer, secured to at least 2 floor beams with screws.
• If possible install the washer in one of the corners of the room, where the floor is more stable.
_._ Insert
the rubber
cups to reduce
You can obtain
the rubber
cups (p/no.4620ER4002B)
the LG spares
* Proper placement and levelling of the washer ensure long,regular and reliable operation.
* The washer must be absolutely horizontal and stand firmly in position.
* It must not "Seesaw" across corners under load.
* The installation surface must be clean, free from floor wax and other lubricant coatings.
* Do not let the feet of the washer get wet. If feet of the washer get wet, slipping may occur.



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