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Introduction; Professional Shop Manual Intent; Fasteners; Assembly - Craftsman 28906 Professional Shop Manual

Electric module
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This module is divided into four sections:
Section 1: About this module and precautions
Section 2: Components
This section will describe the location and opera-
tion of the electrical components on the tractor.
Where appropriate, some disassembly or com-
ponent removal instructions will be included.
Section 3: Diagnostic Techniques
This section will cover basic tools, techniques,
and methodology for diagnosing electrical issues
on the tractor. A lot of the information in this sec-
tion can be applied to other equipment.
Section 4: Schematics
Professional Shop manual intent
This Manual is intended to provide service dealers with
an introduction to the mechanical aspects of the new
900 series tractor.
Detailed service information about the engine
will be provided by the engine manufacturer, in
most cases.
Disclaimer: This manual was written using first gener-
ation tractors. The information contained in this shop
manual is correct at the time of writing. Both the prod-
uct and the information about the product are subject to
change without notice.
About the text format:
NOTE: is used to point-out information that is
relevant to the procedure, but does not fit as a
step in the procedure.
CAUTION: Indicates a potentially hazardous sit-
uation that, if not avoided, may result in minor or
moderate injury. It may also be used to alert
against unsafe practices.
DANGER: Indicates an imminently hazardous
situation that, if not avoided, will result in death
or serious injury. This signal word is to be lim-
ited to the most extreme situations.
Indicates a potentially hazardous
situation that, if not avoided, could result in
death of serious injury.
Bullet points: indicate sub-steps or points.
Disclaimer: This Professional Shop Manual is
intended for use by trained, professional technicians.
Common sense in operation and safety is
In no event shall MTD be liable for poor text
interpretation, or poor execution of the proce-
dures described in the text.
If the person using this manual is uncomfortable
with any procedures they encounter, they should
seek the help of a qualified technician.
Most of the fasteners used on the tractor are
sized in fractional inches. Some are metric. For
this reason, wrench sizes are frequently identi-
fied in the text, and measurements
are given in
U.S. and metric scales.
If a fastener has a locking feature that has worn,
replace the fastener or apply a small amount of
releasable threadlocking compound such as
Loctite® 242 (blue).
Some fasteners like cotter pins are single-use
items that are not to be reused. Other fasteners
such as lock washers, retaining rings, and inter-
nal cotter pins (hairpin clips) may be reused if
they do not show signs of wear or damage. This
manual leaves that decision to the judgement of
the technician.
Torque specifications may be noted in the part of the
text that covers assembly, they may also be summa-
rized in tables along with special instructions regarding
locking or lubrication. Whichever method is more
appropriate will be used. In many cases, both will be
used so that the manual is handy as a quick-reference
guide as well as a step-by-step procedure guide that
does not require the user to hunt for information.
The level of assembly instructions provided will be
determined by the complexity and of reassembly, and
by the potential for unsafe conditions to arise from mis-
takes made in assembly.
Some instructions may refer to other parts of the man-
ual for subsidiary procedures. This avoids repeating
the same procedure two or three times in the manual.



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