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Spark Plug; Making Adjustments - Craftsman 247.886640 Owner's Manual

5.0 horse power 24" two-stage wheel drive snow thrower
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NOTE: Althoughmulti-viscosity oils (5W30, 10W30
etc.) improve starting in cold weather, these multi-
viscosity oils will result in increased oil consumption
when used above 32°F. Check your snow thrower's
engine oil level more frequently to avoid possible
engine damage from running low on oil
Refer to the viscositychart for proper selectionof
engine oil. Do not use SAE 10W40 oil.
Checking Oil Level
Before operating the snow thrower, check the oil
level. With engine on level ground, the oil must be
to FULL mark on dipstick.
Stop engine and wait several minutes before
checking oil level. Remove oil fill cap and dipstick.
Wipe dipstick clean, insert it into oil fill hole and
tighten securely.
Remove dipstick and check. If oil is not up to the
FULL mark on dipstick, add oil.
Changing Oil
Change engine oil after first two hours of operation and
every 25 hours thereafter.
In order to change the oil, you will have to first drain the
spent engine oil from the engine and then refill with
fresh oil.
Drain oil while engine is warm. Remove oil drain
cap located at the bottom of the recoil starter of the
engine. Catch oil in a suitable container.
When engine is drained of all oil, replace drain plug
Remove the dipstick from the oil fill. Pour fresh oil
slowly through the plug. Replace dipstick.
Check and make sure that the level of oil is up to
the FULL mark on the dipstick. The oil sump
capacity is 21 ounces or 0.62 liters.
Temperature of muffler and
nearby areas may exceed 150 ° F(65°C).
Avoid these areas.
Spark Plug
Clean area around the spark plug base.
Remove and inspect the spark plug.
Replace the spark plug if electrodes are pitted,
burned, or the porcelain is cracked. See Figure 18.
Clean the spark plug and reset the gap to 0.030" at
least once a season or every 100 hours of
operation. See Figure 18. Replace if necessary.
For replacement, use Champion J-8C, Autolite 356
or equivalent spark plug.
NOTE: Do not sandblast spark plug. Spark plug should
be cleaned by scraping or wire brushing and washing
with a commercial solvent.
Figure 18
Tire Pressure
Follow instructionson page 9.
Making Adjustments
Never attempt to make any
the engine is running,
except where specified in operator's manual.
Chute Assembly
The distance snow is thrown can be controlledby
adjustingthe angSeof the top section ofthe chute
Skid Shoe
The space between the shave plate and the ground
can be adjusted. Refer to the Final Assembly and
Adjustments section on page 9.
Drain gasoline and engine oil from the snow
thrower. Place plastic film under the gas cap if the
snow thrower has already been operated. Tip the
snow thrower so that it rests on the auger housing.
See Figure 19.

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