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Special Storage Areas - Maytag MTB1955 User Manual

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Special Storage Areas
Your refrigerator has either a Snack Center Drawer or an Adjusti-Temp Drawer. These drawers are designed to pro-
vide a short term storage area for fresh meats, chee_s
and luncheon meats.
For models with the Adjusti-Temp
Drawer, a control is
located on the shelf front above the drawer. Simply slide
the control knob left or right to achieve the desired inter-
nal temperature
of the drawer.
• for optimal cheese storage, slide the control to the
• for optimal
meat storage, slide the control to the
= .....
c.EESE ..............
To remove the Snack Center Drawer or Adjusti-Temp
Drawer for cleaning:
• pull the drawer out until it stops
• lift the drawer up slightly and pull it out
To replace the drawer, reverse the above procedure.
This drawer can be positioned
as desired on either the
left or right side of the refrigerator
[ Fo,
,,,,!, ,h,
The Crispers provide ideal storage for fruit and vegeta-
bles. There is a humidity control located on the crisper
shelf above each of the crisper drawers.
For optimal fruit storage, slide the crisper con-
trol to the left to provide lower humidity condi-
tions in the drawer.
For optimal vegetable storage, slide the crisper
control to the right to provide higher humidity
in the drawer.
To remove a crisper drawer for cleaning:
• pull out the crisper until it stops
• tilt the drawer front up and pull it out
To replace a crisper drawer:
• align the drawer in the tracks
• lift the drawer front and slide in
For best results, keep the crispers tightly closed.
The Spill Catcher
Top or the Tempered Glass Full Crisper Top serve as the lower refrigerator
To remove the crisper shelf:
• lift the front edge of the shelf
• pull the shelf straight out
To replace the crisper shelf:
• set the rear bars on the support
• push the sbeff back until the front edge can be low-
ered into place.
Your refrigerator
may come equipped
with an Egg
Cradle (style may vary) which holds a "dozen-plus"
eggs. It can be removed to be washed or carried to a
work area,

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