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KitchenAid A-9 Instructions Manual page 13

Coffee mill
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Care and Maintenance
To reassemble:
1. After cleaning, align the keyed
burr-shaft assembly with the motor
shaft. Lower the burr-shaft assembly
onto the motor shaft and rotate
until the burr-shaft assembly falls
into place inside the motor housing.
4. Turn the grind-adjustment ring
counterclockwise several complete
rotations, and remove it from the
5. Lift the burr-shaft assembly out of
the motor housing.
6. Using the cleaning tool, clean the
burr mounted on the burr-shaft
assembly and the burr mounted
underneath the grind-adjustment
Place the grind-adjustment ring
onto the motor housing. Pressand
turn the grind-adjustment ring
clockwise several rotations until the
gear offers complete resistance,
then rotate it counterclockwise
until the selection arrow aligns
with the initial "M" for the
Medium grind selection.
NOTE: Never wash the burrs or burr-
shaft assembly in water. Keep them
dry at all times.
3. Replace the set screw and tighten
with the Phillips-head screwdriver.
Your Coffee Mill is now ready
for use.


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