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Display; Start; Add A Minute; Off - KitchenAid KCMS2055S Use & Care Manual

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The START padbegins a nyfunction. Ifnon-sensor cooking i s
touching S TART will r esume thepreset cycle.
Touching START willnotresume aninterrupted sensor cycle.
A :d A
Cook time may be added to a manual cook cycle by touching the
ADD A MINUTE pad. Touching ADD A MINUTE during the cycle
will add 1 minute of cook time at the current cook power. Each
additional touch adds 1 minute of cook time.
The ADD A MINUTE pad will also start the microwave oven at
100% power for 1 minute after the door is closed or OFF is
touched. Additional time may be added by touching
The OFF pad clears any incorrect command,
and cancels
functions. It will not erase the time of day. OFF is also used to
lock and unlock the control panel. See "Control Lock" section.
The microwave oven will also turn off when the door is opened.
Close the door and touch START to resume the non-sensor
This is a standard 12-hour clock (12:00-11:59), with "P" as RM.
indicator (no indicator for A.M.).
To Set Clock:
The microwave oven and Timer must be off.
1. Touch CLOCK.
2. Touch number pads to correct time of day.
3. Touch CLOCK.
The clock may be hidden using Options. See "Options"
Tones are audible signals, indicating the following:
One tone
Valid entry
Two tones
End of stage in multistage cooking
Invalid entry (short tones)
Hidden feature entered or exited
Four tones
End of cycle
Five tones
During defrost cycle, as reminder to check, turn, rearrange, or
separate food
Seven tones
End of Timer countdown
Tones may be turned off using Options. See "Options" section.
The Timer can be set in minutes and seconds, up to 99 minutes,
99 seconds, and counts down the set time.
NOTE: The Timer does not start or stop the microwave oven.
Cook functions
may be used while the Timer is counting down.
When the cook function is active in the display, touch and hold
TIMER to see the Timer countdown.
To Set:
1. Touch TIMER.
2. Touch number pads to enter desired time.
3. Touch START.
When the set time ends, "END" will scroll across the display
and the end-of-Timer
tones will sound.
4. Touch OFF during the Timer countdown
to cancel the Timer.
The time can be reset during the countdown
by repeating the
above steps.
The Timer cannot be canceled during a cook function without
first canceling the cook function.
The Control Lock shuts down the control panel pads to avoid
use of the microwave oven. If any pad is touched
while the Control Lock is active, "LOCKED" will appear in the
To Lock/Unlock
Control: Touch and hold CANCEL for
4 seconds until 2 tones sound and "LOCKED"
appears in the display. Repeat to unlock the control. Two tones
will sound, and the display will return to the time of day.
Settings can be selected, and displays can be changed by using
Sound (tones)
On or Off
On or Off (hidden)
Scroll speed
Slow, Medium or Fast
Ibs or kg
English or French
To Change Options: Touch OPTIONS repeatedly to select the
option, then follow instructions
on the display to select the



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