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The warm beauty of granite is unparalleled
among building materials, but preserving
that beauty in certain granites
requires careful, regular maintenance.
Granite and other natural stones have become increasingly
popular for backyard residential
and commercial
However, some simple steps will help preserve the original luster of the stone over time.
Granite requires very little maintenance
and is naturally resistant to stains and scratches. However, it is not indestruc-
tible! Please follow these simple guidelines
for care of your granite.
1. Regularly clean your surfaces with a damp cloth. Dry-off wet spots to avoid dull patches appearing where hard water
and soap residue have been left behind during daily use. A light neutral (PH7) solution may be safely added.
Maintain an original finish on the granite surface by using sealers and regular maintenance
Be sure
to select sealers and waxes with caution, as they may contain ingredients
which could dull or scratch the Table
Top. Before application,
clean the Table Top with soapy water and let it dry. Apply two coats of sealer in quick
using sealer brushes. After 30 minutes, remove the excess sealer with a dry cloth.
3. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners or scour pads.
4. Aspray cleaner can be applied to surfaces to clean and help the surface shine.
5. Cutting foods on the stone Table Top should not scratch the granite but it will blunt your knives quickly! To be safe
use a separate cutting board.
6. Do not place hot pots/pans on your granite surface as they could leave a scorch mark.
7. Avoid contact with edges of worksurfaces
as chipping may occur.
Granite is a porous material even though surfaces and edges have been polished. The stone is treated before
leaving the factory to help resist staining. Be mindful there are oil and spirit based products such as wine, fruits
and perfume,
and also oil based products such as olive and cooking oils that may stain if allowed to soak into the
Table Top. Should spills occur, wipe off as soon as possible.
9. Table Top should not be brought into contact with strong acid based chemicals
paint stripper, brush
cleaner, oven cleaners, varnish remover, degreasant or similar products.


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