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Winter Storage; Moving Care - Kenmore 11098762790 Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

27-inch wide- large capacity laundry center washer - gas dryer
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Install and store your laundry center
where it wilt not freeze. Because some
water may stay in the hoses, freezing
can damage your laundry center. If
storing or moving your laundry center
during freezing weather winterize it.
To winterize
laundry center:
1. Shut off both water faucets.
2. Disconnect and drain water inlet hoses.
3. Put 1 quart of R.V.-type antifreeze
in the basket.
4. Run washer on a spin setting for about
30 seconds to mix the antifreeze and
water. Some of the mixture will pump
out while the washer spins.
5. Unplug the power supply cord.
To use laundry center again:
1. Flush water pipes and hoses.
2. Reconnect water inlet hoses.
3. Turn on both water faucets.
4. Reconnect power supply cord.
5. Run the washer through a complete
cycle with 1 cup of detergent to clean
out antifreeze.
Operate your laundry center only when
you are at home. If you wilt be on vaca-
tion or not using your laundry center for
an extended period of time, you should:
• Unplug the power supply cord or turn
off electrical power to the laundry center.
• Turn off the water supply to the laundry
center. This helps avoid accidental
flooding (due to a water pressure surge)
while you are away.
• Wash dryer lint screen.
• Unplug the power supply cord or turn
off electrical power to the laundry center.
• Close shut-off valve in gas supply line.
• Disconnect gas supply line pipe and
remove fittings attached to laundry
center pipe.
• Make sure leveling legs are secure.
• Use masking tape to secure washer lid
and dryer door.


Table of Contents

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