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Program Product; Management Software; Updating Of Control Software - NEC S1400 NF1400-SR40E User Manual

Disk array unit
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Program Product

To use the disk array unit, the following program product is required:
For S1400:
SystemGlobe NEC Storage BaseProduct Ver3.3 (or later) - NEC Storage S1400
To use the disk array unit, release the license lock using the license code that is provided with
"SystemGlobe NEC Storage BaseProduct Ver3.3 - NEC Storage S1400 ".
A maintenance person is responsible for releasing the license lock of "SystemGlobe NEC Storage
BaseProduct Ver3.3 -NEC StorageS1400 " during the installation of the disk array unit. Please give the
person the license code provided with the product.
Before the disk array unit can be used, the license lock must be released by using the
license code provided with NEC Storage BaseProduct.
Be sure to release the license lock. A disk array unit with the license lock being locked
cannot receive any maintenance services because the operation cannot be
For any other program product available for the disk array unit, ask your sales representative.

Management Software

SystemGlobe NEC Storage BaseProduct Ver3.3 (or later) - NEC Storage S1400 or the management
software WebSAM NEC Storage Manager can be used to allow the host system to display the
resources in the disk array unit in the real time mode.
NEC Storage Manager also enables you to set the following parameters through the host computer:
Setting of RAID configuration (RAID 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and hot spare disk)
Resetting of RAID configuration
Downloading firmware
Collection of error log

Updating of Control Software

The disk array unit may upgrade the version of storage control software when a function or the like is
additionally installed.
You can use the added function by updating the storage control software of which version has been
You can update the storage control software by yourself. However, if you fail to update it, the disk
array unit can no longer operate at the worst.
NEC maintenance service representative provides the installation service (additionally charged) for
updating the storage control software. It is strongly recommended that you should ask your
maintenance service representative who has technical knowledge to update it.


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