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Surface Elements And Drip Bowls; Cautions For Aluminum Use - Frigidaire FFEF3010LWB Use & Care Manual



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and drip bowls
Make sure drip bowls are in place - Absence of
these bowls during cooking may subject wiring or
components underneath to damage.
Never immerse
a surface element
in water.
Be sure the range is cool before removing surface
elements or drip bowls. Be careful not to bend terminal
ends when replacing surface elements after cleaning.
not use aluminum foil to line
surface drip bowls, or reflector pans. Only use
aluminum foil as recommended in this manual.
Improper installation of these liners may result in risk
of electric shock, or fire.
Surface elements may be unplugged and removed to make
cleaning the drip pans easier. The surface elements clean
themselves when they are turned on. Food spilled on a hot
element will burn off. Food spilled on a COOL element may
be cleaned with a damp cloth--any
remaining soil will burn
off the next time the element is used.
To remove the surface elements
and drip bowls
Lift the edge of the drip bowl across from the terminal
end. Lift the surface element
and drip bowl
just enough to clear the cooktop.
While holding the drip bowl and surface element, gently
pull the terminal end out from terminal plug. DO NOT
remove hold down clip (if equipped) from the drip bowl.
(if equipped)
Cleaning drip bowls
Wash in hot, soapy water or in the dishwasher. Rinse and
dry while still warm. Hard to remove, burned on soil can be
removed by soaking the drip bowls for about 20 minutes in
a lightly diluted liquid cleanser or a solution of ammonia and
water (1/2 cup ammonia to 1 gallon of water). A nylon
scrubber may be used after soaking. DO NOT use abrasive
cleaners or steel wool, they will scratch the surface. Always
rinse with clean water and polish dry with a soft cloth.
To replace drip bowls and surface elements
Slide the terminal end on the element through the
opening in the drip bowl (See Fig. 1).
Align the element support to rest on the rim inside the
drip bowl. If your drip bowl is equipped with a hold
down clip, align the element support opposite the
terminal end with the slot in the hold down clip, and
snap into place.
After the element is positioned in the drip bowl, line up
the terminal end with the terminal plug as shown.
Hold the surface element and drip bowl together as
level as possible and firmly push the terminal end into
the terminal plug. Make sure element terminal is seated
properly into terminal plug. Make sure the surface
element is level to reduce the hazard of cookware
sliding offthe element.
on the
* Aluminum foil - Use of aluminum foil on a hot cooktop
can damage the cooktop. Do not use thin aluminum
cooking utensils or allow aluminum foil to touch the
surface elements under ANY circumstances.
utensils =The melting point of aluminum
is much lower than that of other metals. Care must be
taken when aluminum pots or pans are used on the
cooktop. If aluminum pans are allowed to boil dry
when using the cooktop,
the utensil may be damaged
or destroyed.
Fig. 1

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents