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Using The Touch Controls; Cooktop Main Power Pad; Controls Lock Pad; Minute Timer Pad - Electrolux EW36IC60LB1 Use & Care Manual

30"/36" induction cooktop
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ain Cooktop Controls
Using the touch controls
lock pad
The recommended
The Induction Cooktop _
way to use the touch
may be locked in order
to prevent the cooktop
is with your finger
from accidentally
placed in the centerof
turned ON.
To turn ON the Controls
the touch pad. If the
nger center
is not ofplaced
a pad,°n
the cooktop may not
respond to the selection made.
Lightly contact the pad with the flat part of your entire
fingertip. Do not just use the narrow end of your
main power pad
The Cooktop POWER
key pad enables
entire Cooktop.
To power the cooktop,
and hold the
key pad for
1/2 second.Abeep
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
sound and the Power
LED will glow (See Fig. 2). The cooktop will be in a
ready mode for 10 seconds. If no other key pads are
touched the Cooktop Main POWER will turn OFF
To turn the Main Power OFF touch Main POWER key.
A beep will sound and the Power Indicator Light will
turn OFF (See Fig. 1).
Lock feature, make sure
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
the unit is powered OFF
(See above, Figure 1) and that the timer is not active.
Touch and hold the LOCK key pad for 3 seconds. A
beep will sound and the Lock indicator light will glow
(Fig. 4). Once locked, no other displays will glow and
no Cooking Zones or timer will activate.
To turn the Controls Lock OFF, touch and hold the
LOCK key pad for 3 seconds. A beep will sound,
the Lock indicator light will turn OFF (Fig. 3) and the
cooktop may be used normally. Remember to power
ON the cooktop if it is needed right away.
Minute timer pad
The Minute Timer feature may be useful
in the kitchen ifa recipe calls for keeping
track of time. This feature will keep
track of time from 1 to 99 minutes. The
timer display will begin to count down
minutes once set.
To Set
Fig. 5
Timer feature,
the "TIMER" key (Fig.
5). Make sure the LOCK
feature is not active, the
Minute Timer will not
Fig. 6
operate if the cooktop is locked.
Touching and releasing the ,,1-,or the m key pads
(Fig. 6) will increase or decrease the Minute Timer
setting by 1 minute with each key press (up to 99
Once the Timer LED displays the desired amount of
time, release the "i" or the m Arrow key pads (Fig.
6). The Minute Timer will begin the countdown with
remaining minutes. Once the Minute Timer reaches 1
minute, the timer will start counting down by seconds
until gO is reached. Once the Minute Timer reaches
DOa long beep will sound indicating that the time is
up and the Timer display will flash DO.
To cancel or turn OFF the Minute Timer, touch the
"TIMER" key (Fig. 5).



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