Normal Operating Sounds; Ice Maker (Some Models - Kenmore 69142 Use & Care Manual

Bottom-mount refrigerator
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Normal Operating Sounds
This new refrigerator may be replacing a differently
designed, less efficient or smaller refrigerator. Today's
refrigerators have new features and are more energy
efficient. As a result, certain sounds may be unfamiliar.
These sounds are normal and will soon become familiar
to you. They also indicate refrigerator is operating and
performing as designed.
Freezer control clicks when starting or stopping
Freezer fan air rushes and whirs.
Sealed system (evaporator and heat exchanger)
refrigerant flow gurgles, pops or sounds like boiling
Defrost heater sizzles, hisses or pops.
Defrost timer sounds like an electric clock and
snaps in and out of defrost cycle.
fan air rushes and whirs.
has a high pitched hum or pulsating
sound and cycles on and off.
Ice cubes from ice maker (some models) drop into
ice bucket.
Ice maker water valve hookup (some models)
buzzes when ice maker fills with water. This occurs
whether or not refrigerator is connected to water
supply. If refrigerator is not connected to water
supply, stop sound by raising ice maker arm to Off
position. Ice maker water valve hookup is located
behind condenser fan in back of refrigerator.
Note: Foam insulation is very energy efficient and
has excellent insulating capabilities. However, foam
insulation is not as sound absorbent as
previously used fiberglass insulation.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents