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Kenmore 68929 Owner's Manual page 7

14-speed blender
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"lll_st_nde.r operalgs with an _teclronlc
speed sider, As you shift up Io a hider
speed or shitt down to a lower speed, there
is a sligt_Ipause as _
motoradjuststo Ihe
difference b _0_ed seltings,
The measurtr_ Insert cup is Ior_led In ii_e
while lid oi!tm blender jm'. You will nollce a
small, round <_penir_ir_llle cup. _.
ing Is tar a_ding liquids dm_
sp Ihal Ihey
a_ _ull,€
inco_orakzd int_o the rrJxture
Always operate bte.nd_t wtthr..ov_rin pl_eo
Alway_ hold the jar with =m hand while
To or=sure proper blending and preve,'_
ovedi!ow,add im_redtents|o blendir_gjar
llgle at a _-m.
ill bte_I_
ja+ mo_ titan 3/4 tull.-
th_ blade acUort_# cause b'_ irtgredienls
(erise _ _a bta_d/ng J_r, IBleitdlarge
recipes tn several batches.
tJntess Ihe recipe slales, Four Iiq.
_I i_gredlenls Inlo blerdng jar betom solid
ingrediems. The liquid wt]lhe!p I11e p reced-
ingg_ faster and aibw theblender 1_oper-
at_ al _ to',ver_peed_,a,t_ays add ! cup of
rquid before pro_er_ktg ice.
Blend #Or 5-30 seconds and check consis-
lermy. ConSnue bii_d_'_gunlll rcaclllr,g
desired con_sle_¥.
Be _eiful
rml to _er-
blend recipe. O_et._r_
witl msull in a.
loose cormislency. DO NOT usa blender
continuously for an exlended pedod ol lime.
IDa NOT remove b_ending jar from .q':lo!or
wha_ lf_ mo_r is =u_nfng.
To _eVellt lhepossil0ir_ el se_a re personal
iIIju_y andf_r dar_qage1o Ihe blonde,z, keep
hands a_d utensils out o# blending jm w;h_e
p_ocessing.A s_ape! may'be used only
_hen the blender is n_t p=_essing0
Do not s!o_e load e[ beverages in the jar,
Even ihough IIhisblm'_er is a vmmatlle
applia(1.c_,IT WILL NOT" mash po_loes,
beat egg white_, ex_raci juices (ram (_uiP_,
or vegetables, grind r_w me_l, or l_nead
heavy do_jghs.
Hard Chm_t
Into c_._es. Pul small
mrr_unl inthe i_r, _over _
_ I_d press
#to "13P_TE" buttoP.. DO no(ove_l_d,
Grea| tn sm_tl amounls, For li_
blend longer.
grate cheddar
or Swiss cheese, add !,/4 slice of breast to
ever,i t_ cups at r.,_d
cheese in con-
tBlner. CoVer th_ iar an depre_
"GRATE" buiIo_ The bre_
moisture ss the _;heose is grated.
Cmmbing Br_d:
Use the same rngthod f_ fresh or dry
br_ad. Taar on_ sli_e _ bread i_o
blender. Cover and proms th_ 'CRUMB"
button. Blend t_r 5 sera_ds.
ylelds I/2 cup o_umb_,
Chill the convincer, Use cold i_&v), or
rrmdium crear_ Pour Etoz, into lhe con.
tainer, add 1 tsp, sugar, cave_ 1he J_r and
press "WHIP" bullon, When c_eam
becomes thick, lure blender oli.
Nut_ =tna Ch+_pm
To chop shelled nuts or chocolatm chips,
one cup oieither into !he conlaine='.
Pla_ecover i_Io posillon and blendon
"CHOP" (or 5 seconds. For liner texture,
continue blending,
Frozen Cancem_raled _lu/_es:
Fo_ 6 oz. cans only: Open thecan and
pl_ce Ihe frozen juice 1_blender jar with
i/3 _ water n_ded.
(;over the iar ar, d
blend on 'LIQUEFY" 1(_!5 r.mcond.5,
Slop. add lamah_g wale[, cover lhe
_nd blend (or anol!_gr tO smconds.



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