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Make Electrical Connections - Kenmore 363.42482 Use & Care Manual And Installation Instructions

Electric cooktop
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The electrical power to the
cooktop supply line must be shut :off while line
are being made. Failure to do so could
result in serious injury or death.
When making the wire connections, use the entire length
of conduit provided (3 feet). The conduit must not be cut,
Connect the red and black leads from the cooktop conduit
to the corresponding
leads inthe junction box.
The power leads supplied with this appliance are UL
recognize d for connection to larger gauge household
wiring. The insulation of the leads is rated at much higher
temperatures than the temperature rating of household
wiring. The current carrying capacity of the conductor is
governed by the wire gauge and also the temperature
rating of the insulation around the wire.
The bare ground wire inthe conduit is connected to ,the
cooktop frame.
When connecting to a 3 conductor branch circuit, if local
codes permit, connect the bare ground connector lead
of the cooktop to the branch circuit neutral (gray or white
in color).
Effective January 1, 1996, the National Electrical Code
requires that new construction
use a (4)conductor
connection and will not permit grounding through
neutral. If used in new construction after January 1,
1996, in a mobile home or recreational vehicle, or if
local codes do not permit grounding through the
neutral white lead, do the following:*
Attach the appliance grounding lead (green or bare
copper) to the residence grounding conductor (green
or bare copper) in accordance with local codes.



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