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    Zoom ® Owner/Operator Manual Manuel Du Proprietaire/Utilisateur Models 915131 - Zoom 34 915141 - Zoom 42 915143- Zoom 50 915151 - Zoom 34 Carb 915155 -Zoom 42 Carb ENGLISH 04096200 5/10 FRANQAIS Printed in USA...

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    Visite a su distribuidor package. They are printed on a serial number o vaya a para label, located on the frame of your unit under obtener una lista de idiomas the seat (figure 1).

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    6. Fill out a product registration card and replacement part may adversely affect the return the card to the Ariens Company or performance, durability, and safety of this unit go to and may void the warranty. Ariens disclaims liability for any claims or damages, whether...

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    [,.'_-,1 _ 1 =11"4 WARNING: This cutting machine HAZARDOUS SITUATION! If not CAUTION: POTENTIALLY is capable of amputating hands avoided, MAY RESULT in minor and feet and throwing objects. or moderate injury. It may also be Failure to observe the safety used to alert against unsafe instructions in the manuals and on practices.

  • Page 5

    Figure 2 1.DANGER! &DANGER! Always keep feet and hands Avoid injury - Stay clear of rotating parts. away from rotating parts. OL1816 OL1809 2.CAUTION Always stand clear of discharge area. Do not direct discharge toward other people. No smoking. while operating. D:Ltt Keep people away from unit IMPORTANT: DO NOT overfill.

  • Page 6

    Check interlock system per manual penalties. Emission controls and components before use. can only be adjusted by an Ariens Company Understand location and function of Dealer or an authorized engine all controls.

  • Page 7

    Read, understand, and follow a llsafety Protect eyes, face and head f rom objects that practices inOwner/Operator Manual before may bethrown from unit. Wear appropriate assembling, using o rworking onthis mower. hearing protection. Always wear safety goggles orsafety glasses with side shields ALWAYS remove key from ignition and wire when o perating...

  • Page 8

    Do not o perate without either entire grass Use extra care when loading or unloading catcher orthe discharge guard i nplace. unit onto trailer or truck. DO NOT o perate inreverse unless absolutely Secure unit chassis to transport vehicle. necessary. ALWAYS look d own a nd behind NEVER secure from rods or linkages that...

  • Page 9

    Explosive Gases from battery can cause Fumes from engine exhaust can cause injury death o rserious injury. Poisonous battery ordeath. DO NOT run engine inanenclosed fluid contains sulfuric acid a nd its contact with area. Always provide good v entilation. skin, eyes o rclothing can cause severe ALWAYS maintain unit i nsafe o perating...

  • Page 10

    Check Engine Oil Level Place Unit in Operating Position (Figure Refer to Engine Manual. NOTE: The seat is shipped with the seat Check Tire Pressure positioned as far back as possible. 1. Tip seat forward and adjust the seat as needed (see TIPPING SEAT AUTION: Avoid injury! Explosive separation of tire and...

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    [_o]_jij_[o]l_,.']r-'_ _, I n_] I_1 _-'_n t_"] 915131, 915141 915143 Figure 4 7. Fuel Tank 1. Throttle/Choke Lever ( 915131, 141 ) 8. Mower Lift Pedal 2. Ignition Switch 3. PTO Switch 9. Mower Deck 4. Seat 10. Discharge Chute 5.

  • Page 12

    See figure 4 for all controls and features properly. locations. Perform the following tests to ensure the safety interlock system is working properly. If the unit does not perform as stated contact your Ariens dealer for repairs. Test Steering Lever Parking Brake...

  • Page 13

    Power Take-Off (PTO) Switch Engages (2) and disengages (1) mower blades. 1. Mower Lift 2. Adjustment Steering Levers Pedal Hole 3. Adjustment Pin Reverse (1)- Pull both steering levers backward. Figure 5 Forward (2) - Push both steering NOTE: The adjustment pin is used to set the levers forward.

  • Page 14

    GASOLINE STARTING AND SHUTTING OFF ENGINE IMPORTANT: ALWAYS use gasoline that meets the following guidelines: Starting the Engine Clean, fresh gasoline. NOTE: Disengage the PTO, place the A minimum of 87 octane/87 AKI steering levers in neutral, and engage the (91 RON).

  • Page 15

    TRANSPORTING UNIT MOVING UNIT MANUALLY ALWAYS shut off engine, set parking brake, remove key, and drain fuel when transporting unit on a truck or trailer. Tie unit down WARNING: or bypass transmission DO NOT disengage and coast securely. Do not tie down by linkages, downhill.

  • Page 16

    Parking MOVING UNITMANUALLYon page 15). Push unit. If unit rolls, contact Brake your Ariens Dealer. Clean Unit Clean engine, battery, seat, mower deck, etc. of all dirt and debris. Do not use solvents, hard cleaners, or abrasives. NOTE: Protect painted surfaces with automotive type wax.

  • Page 17

    nterval .Taski.Action Each Use Follow Engine Manual Mainten- ance Schedule 25 Hours Check Keep battery and battery terminals clean (see Cleaning Battery and 3r Every Battery Battery Cables on page 23). Season Lubricate Apply grease to zerk (1) on each Unit front wheel 50 Hours...

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    _.'_i[o]_ r:1 _ I l_ Wll_ll_l |_v_ I =I _i__ ] MOWER DECK REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Read and understand the entire WARNING: AVOID INJURY. 915131: Safety section before proceeding. Remove (Figure 1. Remove PTO belt from the engine drive TIPPING SEAT FORWARD pulley (see REPLACING PTO BELT on Put steering levers up and tip seat forward...

  • Page 19

    915131: 4. Connect the PTO actuator cable to the deck idler arm and cable anchor. Install (Figure 5. Install PTO belt on the engine drive 1. Slide mower deck under unit. pulley (see REPLACING PTO BELT on page 25). NOTE: Perform step 2 and 3 for the right and left side of unit.

  • Page 20

    3. Connect front and rear trunnions to lift 915141, 143: arms. Install (Figure 4. Install PTO belt on the engine drive 1. Slide mower deck under unit. pulley (see REPLACING PTO BELT on page 25). NOTE: Perform step 2 and 3 for the right and left side of unit.

  • Page 21

    The Forward Pitch Of The Mower Adjusting The Mower Deck To Adjust Blades (Figure 12): Mower Blade Height And Pitch (Figure 14): Should be 0.0 in. (0.0 mm) to 1/4 in. (6.35 mm) pitched forward. NOTE: Adjusting the mower deck will adjust NOTE: This measurement must be taken the height and pitch of the mower blades.

  • Page 22

    REPLACING MOWER BLADE on terminals and related accessories page 21). WARNING: Battery posts, contain lead and lead Ariens recommends having mower blades compounds, chemicals known to sharpened by a professional. Contact your the State of California to cause Ariens dealer.

  • Page 23

    Removal and Installation on page 22). terminal, and positive (+) terminal with a wire brush and rinse with a weak baking Jump-Starting soda solution. Ariens does not recommend jump-starting 4. Connect positive (+) cable first, then your unit. Jump-starting can damage engine negative (-) cable.

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    ADJUSTING STEERING LEVERS Forward Speed Adjustment (Figure Adjusting Steering Lever Height NOTE: Reverse speed cannot be adjusted. If (Figure 18) unit tracks excessively left or right in reverse, see your Dealer for repair. IMPORTANT: The unit should track within 2 feet (0.61 m) of a straight line for 30 feet (9.14 m).

  • Page 25

    REPLACING PTO BELT 915141, 143 Remove (Figure 1. Lower mower deck to the ground. 2. Remove belt covers from mower deck. CAUTION: Use care when releasing idler spring tension. Keep body parts well away from idler when performing this operation. 3.915131 :Disconnect the PTO actuator cable from the deck idler arm.

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    Storage, To treat the fuel system for storage: Remove and fully charge battery. Store in a clean dry area. 1. Add fuel stabilizer (Ariens part Drain fuel from fuel tank. number 00592900) according to manufacturers's instructions. Refer to Engine Manual for the proper engine storage procedures.

  • Page 27

    Spark plug wire(s) Connect spark plug wire(s) or replace spark loose or spark plug(s). Refer to Engine Manual for detailed instructions. plug(s) faulty. Faulty electrical Contact your Ariens Dealer. system. Faulty engine. Contact your Ariens Dealer. Engine runs Choke engaged. Disengage choke.

  • Page 28

    Cooling system Clean cooling system. Refer to Engine Manual for detailed instructions. plugged. Faulty engine. Contact your Ariens Dealer. Unit moves with The parking brake Contact your Ariens Dealer. needs engine off and adjustment. parking brake engaged.

  • Page 29

    Be sure t oalways use genuine Ariens parts See your authorized Ariens dealer to add tokeep y our unit r unning like new. these optional accessories to your unit. Part No. Description Part No. Description 51519500 34- and 50-Inch 71503300...

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    915131 915141 915143 Model Number Zoom 34 Zoom 42 Zoom 50 Model Engine Type Briggs & Stratton IC Briggs & Kawasaki Straton Intek Engine Displacement in.3 (cc) 21 (344) 30.51 (500) 44.3 (726) Governed RPM (May be different 3600 + 0 from maximum RPM) 3600- Drive...

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    915151 915155 Model Number Zoom 34 Zoom 42 Model Engine Type Briggs & Stratton IC Briggs & Straton Intek Engine Displacement in.3 (cc) 21 (344) 30.51 (500) Governed RPM (May be different 3600 + 0 from maximum RPM) 3600- Drive Forward Max.

  • Page 32

    AMP series electric riding mowers is/are warranted to the original purchaser for two years from the date of purchase. Ariens will replace, free of charge to the original purchaser, any battery pack and/or battery subassembly that fails due to defect in material or workmanship for one year after the date of purchase.

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    If the applicable warranty period is more than 90 days, Ariens will cover the prorated cost of any defective battery, for up to 12 months after the date of purchase. This battery limited warranty does not apply to the battery packs on AMP series products.

  • Page 34

    Ariens Company cannot deny warranty solely for the lack of receipts. • As the small off-road equipment owner, you should however be aware that the Ariens Company may deny you warranty coverage if your evaporative emission control system part has failed due to abuse, neglect, or improper maintenance or unapproved modifications.

  • Page 35

    (4) Repair or replacement of any warranted part under the warranty provisions of this article must be performed at no charge to the owner at an authorized Ariens service representative. (5) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection...

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    Ariens Company 655 West Ryan Street Brillion, WI 54110-1072 920-756-2141 Fax 920-756-2407 A WARNING The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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