(Hybrid BD Camcorder)
(BD Camcorder)
Thank you for purchasing this Hitachi Camcorder.
Please read this Instruction Manual to understand its proper use.
Regarding the differences between the DZ-BD7HE/DZ-BD7HE (UK) and the DZ-BD70E/
DZ-BD70E (UK), please first refer to "How to Read this Instruction Manual" (p.11).
Also, "(UK)" of the DZ-BD7HE (UK)/DZ-BD70E (UK) is omitted in this manual unless
otherwise description of difference is needed.
Before opening the CD-ROM included with this product, please read p.184.
After reading the Instruction Manual, store it safely.
The Instruction Manual contains an illustration of the DZ-BD70E/DZ-BD70E (UK) on the cover
page only.
Recording — Viewing— Dubbing
Various Recording
Dubbing on BD/DVD
Viewing on the
Other Devices
Connecting to
your PC

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   Summary of Contents for Hitachi DZBD70E

  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    (BD Camcorder) Additional Information Thank you for purchasing this Hitachi Camcorder. Please read this Instruction Manual to understand its proper use. Regarding the differences between the DZ-BD7HE/DZ-BD7HE (UK) and the DZ-BD70E/ DZ-BD70E (UK), please first refer to "How to Read this Instruction Manual" (p.11).

  • Page 2: Important Information, For Your Safety, Precautions

    Important Information For Your Safety The power switch turns the camcorder on and off, leaving the date/time feature unaffected. If the camcorder is to be left unattended for a long period of time, turn it off. The DVD video camera/recorder and AC adapter/charger have the following caution marks. WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS UNIT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE.

  • Page 3

    Information for users applicable in European Union countries This symbol on the product or on its packaging means that your electrical and electronic equipment should be disposed at the end of life separately from your household wastes. There are separate collection systems for recycling in EU.

  • Page 4

    Important for United Kingdom (for DZ-BD7HE (UK) / DZ-BD70E (UK)) The mains lead on this equipment is supplied with a moulded plug incorporating a fuse, the value of which is indicated on the pin face of the plug. Should the fuse need to be replaced, an ASTA or BSI approved BS 1362 fuse must be used of the same rating.

  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS In addition to the careful attention devoted to quality standards in the manufacture of your camcorder, safety is a major factor in the design of every instrument. But, safety is your responsibility too. This page lists important information that will help to assure your enjoyment and proper use of the camcorder and accessory equipment.

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Important Information ......2 Battery Pack For Your Safety ........2 Precautions ..........2 CHARGE lamp status and charging time ..44 Continuous recording time IMPORTANT SAFETY with a fully charged battery ....44 INSTRUCTIONS ....... 5 Connecting the camcorder to the mains ..

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Adjusting the Brightness of the Image Adding Special Effects (Edit - Fade) ....109 (Exposure)............. 74 Go To..............110 Compensating for Backlight Locking Scenes on a Card (Lock) ....110 (Backlight Compensation) ......75 Displaying Information Using the Menu Screen Selecting a Recording Mode to Match the (Detail) ............

  • Page 8: Introduction, Choosing A Disc To Suit Your Purpose

    Introduction Choosing a disc to suit your purpose Recording/Dubbing HD (High Definition) image quality Image resolution: about six times higher than the SD (Standard Definition) image quality Recording Dubbing Recording (DZ-BD7HE) (DZ-BD7HE) Recording to the HDD Recording to Blu-ray disc (BD) Do you want to delete or edit images using this camcorder Re-recordable...

  • Page 9

    Recording/Dubbing SD (Standard Definition) image quality Do you want to delete/edit images Do you want to play the disc on a using this camcorder? DVD player/recorder? Do you want to reuse the disc? One-time Re-recordable Re-recordable recording DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-RAM DVD-R (VR mode) (VF mode)

  • Page 10: This Camcorder Can Realize All Of The Following

    This camcorder can realize all of the following. Record movies and stills with one device! Press to solve Stills Movies Various media your questions. GUIDE (DZ-BD7HE) Interactive Guide - Mode switch Set the switch as shown. You can easily figure out Insert a BD.

  • Page 11: How To Read This Instruction Manual

    How to Read this Instruction Manual The Instruction Manual is intended for the DZ-BD7HE and DZ-BD70E models. The DZ-BD7HE can record to HDD (hard disk), BDs, and DVDs. The DZ-BD70E can record to BDs and DVDs. The particular functions of each model will be indicated next to DZ-BD7HE the icons shown at left.

  • Page 12

    About media descriptions The camcorder functions available vary depending on the media (HDD/BD/ DVD/Card) used. Refer to the icon headings shown below to determine whether the function explained complies with the media in use. * DZ-BD70E does not have an HDD. If you purchased this model, please disregard the HDD icon (p.11).

  • Page 13: Before Using The Product Be Sure To Read This Information

    • In the event that your camcorder is sent for repair, whether repair is successful or not, recorded content may be lost. Hitachi cannot be held responsible for any lost data. Copyright • Be aware that recording is restricted for some demonstrations, performances and...

  • Page 14: Checking Provided Accessories

    DC power cord (DZ-ACS3 (E)) Portable power supply for your To power the camcorder from new Hitachi Camcorder. Be Use to power the camcorder the mains, use this cord to sure to fully charge the battery from the mains, and to charge connect the AC adapter/ before use.

  • Page 15: Names Of Parts

    Names of Parts Viewfinder side Movie/Stills switch (p.26) MENU button (p.25) ACCESS/PC indicator (p.13) SELECT button (p.55) Battery platform (p.23) Joystick (p.29) BATT (battery eject) switch (stop/cancel) button (p.55) (p.45) Viewfinder (p.21) Record button (p.26) Dioptre control (p.21) DISC EJECT switch (p.26) SD CARD indicator (p.28) Power switch/Lock button (p.24) BD/DVD indicator (p.26)

  • Page 16

    LCD monitor side (when the LCD monitor is opened 90°), and bottom Bottom RESET button (p.163) DISPLAY button (p.50) QUICK START button (p.48) BLC button (p.75) DISC NAVIGATION button Speaker (p.29) EXPOSURE button (p.74) DUBBING button (DZ-BD7HE) GUIDE button (p.10) (p.90) This button can help you choose a PC connection terminal (p.127)

  • Page 17

    Lens side Light receiving sensor Automatic lens cover Used to control flash amount. The lens cover automatically opens Do not block the light receiving when the power is turned on, sensor with your hand when revealing the optical 10x zoom lens. recording still pictures.

  • Page 18: Remote Control

    Remote control PHOTO DISPLAY ZOOM DIGITAL MENU ZOOM SELECT DELETE DISC NAVIGATION ZOOM T button (p.70) PHOTO button (p.28) DIGITAL ZOOM button (p.70) REC button (p.26) ZOOM W button (p.70) MENU button (p.25) (reverse skip) button (p.29, SELECT button (p.55) (reverse search) button (p.29, (forward search) button (p.29, 62)

  • Page 19: Adjusting The Hand Strap

    BATTERY MAY EXPLODE IF NOT HANDLED PROPERLY. DO NOT RECHARGE, DISASSEMBLE OR DISPOSE OF IN FIRE. Note Replace the battery with a Hitachi Maxell, Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo, Toshiba CR2032, or Duracell DL2032. Use of another battery may present a risk of fire or explosion.

  • Page 20: How To Open And Use The Lcd Monitor

    How to Open and Use the LCD Monitor 180° 90° 90° You can use the LCD monitor as follows. Recording high To record yourself places above your (p.21) Basic posture line of sight Hold the camcorder with both hands and tuck your elbows to your chest or sides, and move the camcorder at a gentle pace.

  • Page 21: Recording/playing Using The Viewfinder

    About the LCD monitor display when recording yourself (the lens and LCD monitor are facing you) • The LCD monitor displays a mirror image of the subject. • You can check the image in the viewfinder. (You can also set the viewfinder to “On”...

  • Page 22: Using The Cd Manual, System Requirements

    Using the CD manual The instruction manuals for this product are written into the included CD-ROM. Before using the CD-ROM, please read the following to ensure proper use. System requirements Windows ® • OS: Windows 2000 Professional SP3 or higher ®...

  • Page 23: Let's Get Started, Preparing, Setting Up The Battery Pack

    Let’s Get Started Preparing Setting up the battery pack Connect the mains lead to the AC adapter/charger. Plug in the mains lead to the mains. Attach the battery pack to the AC adapter/charger. Attach the battery pack to the camcorder. CHARGE indicator To the mains* * The shape of plug...

  • Page 24: Turning On The Power, Changing The Display Language

    Turning on the Power Turn on the power. Press and hold the lock button, and turn the power switch to “ON”. Open the LCD monitor. 90° Changing the display language You can change the language used on screens and menus as follows. Press MENU, then select “Initial Setup”...

  • Page 25: Setting The Date And Time

    Setting the date and time Press MENU. Open the LCD monitor Select “Date Setup”, then (p.20). “Date Set” using the joystick. (For instructions on how to use the joystick, see p.29.) The confirmation button (press firmly) Set the date, month, year, hour, and minute Date Setup using the joystick, and then press the confirmation button.

  • Page 26: Recording Movies To A Bd

    Recording Movies to a BD Insert a BD. Place the recording surface of the BD Attach the charged battery pack. face down. (For a single-sided disc, the side opposite the label is the recording surface.) Turn the power switch to “ON”. Turn the power switch to “MODE”...

  • Page 27: Recording Movies To The Hdd

    Recording Movies to the HDD (DZ-BD7HE) Turn the power switch to “ON”. Turn the power switch to “MODE” until the HDD indicator lights. Press the record button. Recording begins. To pause recording, press the record button again.

  • Page 28: Recording Stills To An Sd Card

    Recording Stills to an SD card Insert an SD card. Pay attention to the orientation of the card. The terminals should face away from the LCD monitor. For usable card types, see p.40. Turn the power switch to “ON”. Press PHOTO. Press PHOTO halfway down so that a subject in the centre of the screen is focused.

  • Page 29: Playing Recorded Movies/stills

    Playing Recorded Movies/Stills Press DISC NAVIGATION. Choose a scene (movie/still), then press the confirmation button. Disc Navigation All Scenes 0010/0027 The chosen scene is played. 1hour 3min 30sec 1/ 10/2007 10:10:10 HX PLAY SELECT EXIT Hint To select an item or scene (movie or still), move the joystick up, down, left, or right.

  • Page 30: Deleting Recorded Movies/stills

    Deleting Recorded Movies/Stills Press DISC NAVIGATION. Select a scene you want to delete, then press MENU. You can choose multiple scenes by Disc Navigation All Scenes selecting another scene and 0010/0027 pressing SELECT. 1hour 3min 30sec 1/ 10/2007 10:10:10 HX PLAY SELECT EXIT...

  • Page 31

    Finalising BD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-R/+RW It is necessary to “finalise” before you use other BD/DVD players to play back a BD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R, or +RW recorded on this camcorder. Be sure to use the AC adapter/charger to power the camcorder when finalising a BD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-R/+RW. Finalisation cannot be executed using a battery.

  • Page 32

    When finalisation is complete, an icon with “F” will appear on the Disc Navigation screen. “F” will appear on the Disc Navigation screen for a finalised disc. Finalised disc Disc Navigation All Scenes 0010/0027 1hour 3min 30sec 1/10/2007 10:10:10 HX EXIT PLAY SELECT...

  • Page 33: Connecting To A Tv

    Connecting to a TV The connection method differs depending on the type of video input terminal that your TV is equipped with. Connection methods in order of best image quality are as follows: HDMI terminal – S-Video terminal – Video terminal For viewing HD image quality, connecting to the high definition TV The HDMI connection provides the highest quality digital image and sound signals...

  • Page 34: Viewing On Your Tv

    For viewing SD image quality, connecting to the non-high-definition TV Video S-Video Audio Input Input Input AV/S cable white yellow (supplied) * Do not connect anything to the camcorder’s HDMI OUT terminal. Viewing on your TV Turn on the TV and switch the TV input to the terminal where the camcorder is connected.

  • Page 35

    Dubbing on a BD/DVD (DZ-BD7HE) Transferring scenes recorded on the HDD to a BD/DVD by selecting the following options: “New” ..From all scenes recorded on the HDD, the scenes which are not dubbed yet to a BD/DVD will be dubbed from the beginning. “Date”...

  • Page 36

    Select “With auto divide” or “No auto divide”, then press the confirmation button. Select “Execute” on the confirmation screen, then press the confirmation button. Dubbing(New) Start dubbing? - Dub to : DVD - Dubbing quality : SX(High) - Auto divide : On - Number of discs for dubbing : 3 Execute Exit...

  • Page 37: Functions And Characteristics Of Hdd Bd/dvd/cards

    Functions and Characteristics of HDD/BD/DVD/Cards The following table lists the storage media (discs and cards) and available functions that can be used with this camcorder. Media Function Built- ●: Functions available card —: Not available -RAM mode) mode) Recording HD (Hi-Vision) ●...

  • Page 38: About Hdd/bd/dvd

    About HDD/BD/DVD Usable discs and their logos Function Allows extensive high-definition movie recordings (approx. 4 hours in HX mode). (DZ-BD7HE) Allows editing and deleting scenes. A rewritable disc on which high-definition movies BD-RE Ver. 2.1 7.5GB 2x can be repeatedly recorded. (8 cm) You can delete/edit the recorded movies.

  • Page 39

    Notes • Hitachi Maxell single sided discs (HG type in the case of DVDs) have been confirmed to be compatible with this camcorder and are recommended. Take care not to dirty (including fingerprints) or scratch the surface of the discs when handling.

  • Page 40: About Cards, Cautions For Discs And Cards

    About cards Usable card and logo Function Allows taking still pictures. SD memory card Card Handling • Do not use cards other than those specified. • Be sure to perform trial recording before recording important images. • Do not touch the card terminal or allow it to touch metal. •...

  • Page 41: Inserting A Bd Or Dvd

    Inserting a BD or DVD Attach the charged battery pack to the camcorder or connect the camcorder to the mains. Turn the power switch to “OFF”. Then, press down the DISC EJECT switch until the ACCESS/PC indicator lights, then release. After several seconds, the lid pops open.

  • Page 42

    Removing the disc Pressing slightly on the centre hub with a finger, grip the edge of the disc by your thumb and lift the disc out as shown. Notes • The disc mechanism will be very hot immediately after use. Do not touch the metallic areas.

  • Page 43: Bd-re/bd-r/dvd-rw/+rw

    When loading a new BD-RE/BD-R/DVD-RW/+RW The disc must be formatted before it can be used for recording. When the disc is loaded, the format confirmation screen will appear in the LCD monitor. Format the disc according to the procedure below. Open the LCD monitor.

  • Page 44: Battery Pack, Charge Lamp Status And Charging Time

    Battery Pack CHARGE lamp status and charging time Lights Charging Approx. charging time (at approx. 25°C) DZ-BP14S (supplied) Charge 165 mins Goes out DZ-BP14SW (separately sold) Complete DZ-BP21SW (separately sold) 235 mins See "Troubleshooting" (p.148). Blinks Continuous recording time with a fully charged battery Use the following table to estimate continuous recording times (minutes) using a fully charged battery pack.

  • Page 45: Connecting The Camcorder To The Mains, Detaching The Dc Mains Lead/battery Pack From The Camcorder

    Connecting the camcorder to the mains Connect to the AC adapter/charger. Mains lead To the mains* * The shape of plug varies depending on Connect to the the model. camcorder. DC power cord Connect to the AC adapter/ charger. Note The battery pack will not be charged while the DC power cord is connected to the AC adapter/charger even if the battery pack is attached to the AC adapter/charger.

  • Page 46: Efficient Use Of The Battery

    Efficient Use of the Battery • The battery will slightly discharge even if it is detached from the camcorder. • If the battery is left attached to the camcorder, it will consume a slight amount of power. Therefore, it is recommended that you charge the battery a day before using the camcorder.

  • Page 47: Recording, Recording Movies

    Recording BD-RE BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW Recording Movies : You can choose either HDD or BD/DVD to record movies. DZ-BD7HE : You can record movies to BD/DVD. DZ-BD70E Slide the Movie/Stills switch to “ ”. Open the LCD monitor. Press and hold the lock button, and turn the power switch to “ON”.

  • Page 48: Using The Quick Start Function

    Press the record button. • “ ” (recording pause) in the LCD monitor will change to “ ” and recording will begin. The recording indicator beneath the lens (p.17) will also light red. 10:00 1 /10 /2 00 7 • To pause recording, press the record button Remaining again.

  • Page 49

    Hints • You can switch the camcorder to stills recording mode by sliding the movie/stills switch to “ ” (p.53) even while the power is on. • For details on screen displays during recording, see p.50. • You can change the movie recording quality (p.84). •...

  • Page 50: Information Display During Recording

    Information display during recording Switching the display mode Various information will appear in the LCD monitor or the viewfinder during recording. You can choose simple display or detailed (all information) display by pressing DISPLAY repeatedly. If you leave the camcorder idle for approx. one minute, the information display will disappear.

  • Page 51

    : DVD-R finalised using a device : Standard quality other than the DZ-BD7HE/ DZ-BD70E. : Extended recording DVD-R recorded using a HITACHI camcorder marketed SD movie recording quality (p.84) before the DZ-BD7HE/ (when using DVD) DZ-BD70E : High quality : +RW...

  • Page 52

    Zoom (p.70) : No audio signals are output. Remaining battery level Digital zoom Off Full Almost empty Recording status Digital zoom: 40x : Recording (when using HDD/BD/DVD) : Recording pause (lit green) /Focus is locked (lit purple when using Card (recording stills)) Digital zoom: 500x (when using HDD/BD/DVD) No icon...

  • Page 53: Recording Still Pictures

    CARD Recording Still Pictures Still pictures are recorded on an SD Card. Slide the Movie/Stills switch to “ ”. Open the LCD monitor. Press and hold the lock button, and turn the power switch to “ON”. Turn the power switch to “ON”. The SD CARD indicator lights.

  • Page 54

    Hints • You can switch the camcorder to movie recording mode by sliding the movie/stills switch to “ ” (p.47) even while the power is on. • For details on screen displays during recording, see p.50. • If you want to compose a shot in which the subject is not centred, first press PHOTO halfway with the subject centred in the monitor.

  • Page 55: Viewing, Playing Back The Last Recorded Scene

    Viewing Playback (Watching Your Recordings) Recorded movies and still pictures are referred to as “scenes”. For movies, a scene is one continuous uninterrupted recording, and for still images, a scene is one still picture. Open the LCD monitor before starting playback. DISC NAVIGATION MENU SELECT...

  • Page 56: Deleting The Last Recorded Scene, Choosing And Playing Back A Scene

    RAM -RW (VR) +RW CARD BD-RE Deleting the last recorded scene Play back the last recorded scene (see p.55). Press MENU. then select “Edit” by pressing Select “Edit” “Delete Scene”, then press the confirmation button. Select “YES” by pressing , then press Delete Scene the confirmation button.

  • Page 57: Choosing And Playing Back Multiple Scenes

    Choose a scene by pressing (up/down, previous page/following page) and (left/right). • Holding down the button will increase the scene selection speed. Use the “Current scene number/Total number of scenes” display and the bar graph as reference. Press the confirmation button. The chosen scene is played back.

  • Page 58: Jumping To The Designated Scene

    Select all scenes from the first scene to the current scene. (Menu option: Press MENU, select “Scene” by pressing Start– Current) then select “Select” by pressing Press or the confirmation button. Select all scenes from the current scene to the final After choosing the desired option by pressing scene.

  • Page 59

    Specifying the point to jump Press the confirmation button. The camcorder will go to the specified point and enter playback Select “Specify” in step pause mode. "Jumping to the designated scene" • To start playback, press the (p.58), then press the confirmation confirmation button again.

  • Page 60: Adjusting Speaker Volume During Movie Playback, Information Display During Playback

    – the HDD/BD/DVD is protected. – a finalised BD-R/DVD-RW (VF mode)/DVD-R/+RW is loaded. – a DVD-RW (VF mode)/DVD-R recorded on a Hitachi DVD camcorder other than this model is loaded. • It may require more time to start playing back if many scenes are chosen.

  • Page 61

    When using HDD/BD/DVD Current medium (HDD/BD/DVD)* Repeat play* Playback Movie/Stills operation* Playback condition Counter (All Scenes, Date, Playlist) * Scene No. Date/Playlist No.* When using Card Scene No. Lock* File name SD memory card Slide Show* Movie/Stills Playback operation* the following pages. Playlist, Date, or “...

  • Page 62: Simple Functions You Can Use During Playback Or Playback Pause

    Simple functions you BD-RE BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW can use during Movies playback or playback (during playback pause) pause The following functions will operate during playback pause in the same way as during playback. However, if BD-RE BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF)

  • Page 63: Slide Show, Still Pictures

    CARD Notes Playing still pictures • If the temperature inside the on a card camcorder gets too high, the camcorder may fail to function automatically normally. Turn off the power and (Slide Show) wait awhile before turning the When you play back when the slide power back on.

  • Page 64: Playing Back Scenes, Repeat Play

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW BD-RE BD-RE Playing back scenes Capturing a still repeatedly picture from a movie (Repeat Play) (PHOTO Capture) When this function is On, all scenes You can capture and record an image will play back from the first scene to displayed during movie playback as a...

  • Page 65: Various Recording Techniques, How To Operate The Menu

    Various Recording Techniques How to Operate the Menu Press MENU. Example: Select “Camera Functions Setup” “White Balance” a white balance mode The title of the selected icon Press right or down on the center on the left appears at the top. to move the cursor to the right.

  • Page 66: Menu (while Recording)

    Menu (While Recording) indicates the function can also be set from Movie menu the stills menu. Menu items (1st level) Menu items (2nd level) Program AE p.76 White Balance p.78 p.80 Camera Functions Setup Digital Zoom p.70 MIC. Filter p.81 Auxiliary Line p.80 HD Video Mode...

  • Page 67

    indicates the function can also be set from Stills menu the movie menu. Menu items (1st level) Menu items (2nd level) Program AE p.76 White Balance p.78 Camera Functions Setup Flash p.82 Auxiliary Line p.80 Record Functions Setup Self Timer p.85 LCD/EVF Adjust p.68...

  • Page 68: How To Use The Lcd/evf Setup And Initial Setup

    How to use the LCD/EVF setup and initial setup Initial Menu items Explanation of functions Value Adjusts the brightness of the – Brightness LCD monitor. Adjusts the brightness of the EVF Brightness – LCD/EVF Adjust* viewfinder. Adjusts the colour density of Colour Level the LCD monitor and –...

  • Page 69: About The Demonstration Function

    Changing the date format You can change the date format to “M/D/Y” or “Y/M/D”. Press MENU. Select “Date Setup” “Date Mode” one of the date formats Press the confirmation button, then press MENU to exit the setup. About the demonstration function At time of purchase of this camcorder, this function is set to “Auto”.

  • Page 70: Digital Zoom, Setting The Digital Zoom

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE Magnified Recording When the optical zoom exceeds ten magnifications, the digital zoom (Optical Zoom and starts working automatically. The Digital Zoom) maximum telephoto zoom value is 40x magnification. The zoom bar The zoom lever allows you to choose appears as follows.

  • Page 71: Recording At Close Range (macro Recording)

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE Recording at Close Hint You can also use the remote Range control for changing the maximum (Macro Recording) digital value. Each press of DIGITAL ZOOM switches the When you record a small subject at “Digital Zoom”...

  • Page 72: Using The Separately-sold Lenses To Increase The Wide-angle Or Telephoto Effect

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE Using the Separately- Notes • If you attach the DZ-TL43 Sold Lenses to conversion lens, the focusing Increase the Wide- range at the T (telephoto) side Angle or Telephoto will be from approx. 3 m to Effect infinity.

  • Page 73: Adjusting The Focus Manually (manual Focus)

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE During recording pause or recording, Adjusting the Focus press FOCUS. Manually The Focus icon appears in the (Manual Focus) LCD monitor. If it is difficult to adjust the focus automatically, you can adjust it manually (Manual Focus).

  • Page 74: Adjusting The Exposure Manually

    Difficult auto focus BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE conditions Adjusting the Brightness of the Image (Exposure) Normally, the exposure is automatically adjusted. However, Subjects are not Subjects that depending on the recording in the centre of are both near the frame and far...

  • Page 75: Compensating For Backlight

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE During recording pause or recording, Compensating for press EXPOSURE. Backlight (Backlight The exposure bar appears in the Compensation) LCD monitor. When the subject is lit from the rear, this function will compensate for lighting so that the subject is not too dark.

  • Page 76: Selecting A Recording Mode To Match The Conditions (program Ae)

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE During recording pause or recording, Selecting a Recording press BLC. Mode to Match the The backlight compensation Conditions icon appears in the LCD monitor. (Program AE) The camcorder automatically gauges the subject and surrounding conditions and determines the optimal settings for recording (during...

  • Page 77: Recording Dark Subjects Using The Lcd Monitor Light (assist Light)

    Selecting a recording BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE mode Recording Dark Subjects Using the During recording pause, press LCD Monitor Light MENU. (Assist Light) Select “Camera Functions Setup” “Program AE” a recording mode You can use the LCD monitor as a light source which allows you to Press the confirmation button to record a subject up to 1 m away even...

  • Page 78: Adjusting The Colour (white Balance)

    Selecting a white BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE balance mode Adjusting the Colour (White Balance) During recording pause, press MENU. Light is required when recording subjects. While the naked eye Select “Camera Functions Setup” perceives colours as they are, images “White Balance”...

  • Page 79: Setting The White Balance Manually (set)

    Setting the white Press to end, or to redo, repeat balance manually step 5. (Set) • The white balance setting selected in “Set” is retained in Prepare a white object such a thick memory until the setting is sheet of white paper that is not changed again.

  • Page 80: Using The Electronic Image Stabiliser (eis)

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW BD-RE We recommend you stabilise the Using the Electronic camcorder using both hands and Image Stabiliser (EIS) support your arms against your body when recording. EIS corrects for fuzziness in an image •...

  • Page 81: Reducing Wind Noise During Recording

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE BD-RE Reducing Wind Noise Restoring all the During Recording Recording Settings to Default (Full Auto) When recording sound from the built- in microphone, you can reduce wind You can reset the following manually noise in the recording when the MIC.

  • Page 82: Using The Flash

    Press the confirmation button to CARD confirm, then MENU to end. Using the Flash • To check where the flash icon appears in the LCD monitor, As shutter speed will slow down see p.50. when still photos are recorded in dim •...

  • Page 83: Turning Off The Recording Indicator Beneath The Lens

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE • Although the flash range differs Turning Off the according to the subject, as a Recording Indicator reference, its range is about Beneath the Lens 1–2.5 m in dark places. •...

  • Page 84: Changing The Movie Quality

    DVD Movie Quality BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW BD-RE (SD Video Mode) and Changing the Movie Recording Time Quality Explana- Recording You can change the movie recording Video tion time* Mode quality to make high quality recordings or lower the quality to XTRA Approx.

  • Page 85: Using The Self-timer

    Press the confirmation button to CARD confirm, then MENU to end. Using the Self-Timer The selected movie quality will be displayed in the LCD monitor You can use the self-timer to record (p.50). still photos. • The movie quality setting is retained in memory even if the During still picture recording pause, power is turned off.

  • Page 86: Using An External Microphone

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW BD-RE Note Using an External When connecting a microphone, Microphone open the cover as in the “Correct” example. You can obtain clearer recording Correct sounds by connecting a commercially sold external microphone to the camcorder’s MIC connector.

  • Page 87: Dubbing On Bd/dvd (dz-bd7he)

    Dubbing on BD/DVD (DZ-BD7HE) Time required for dubbing This camcorder allows you to choose Required time estimates for dubbing from four options when dubbing images scenes approx. 60 minutes long are as recorded on HDD to a BD/DVD. follows: Dubbing options Disc type •...

  • Page 88: Before You Begin

    After dubbing to one disc, follow the HDD/BD/DVD/Card" (p.177). screen message to continue dubbing In “No auto divide” mode, dubbing the remaining scenes or time on the will not be possible if the length of next disc. The screen message to a scene or scenes to be dubbed continue dubbing on the next disc will exceeds the storage capacity for a...

  • Page 89

    However, if a combined the time indicated on the screen. scene is subsequently divided, the Please note that Hitachi will not scenes may not be dubbed accept any responsibility for separately for each date.

  • Page 90: First Dubbing ("new")

    Choose a disc for dubbing and insert First Dubbing (“New”) it into the camcorder (p.41). • If a DVD is loaded, specify the This option allows you to dub scenes Video Mode (“SX” or “SF”). which were recorded to the HDD and •...

  • Page 91

    Select “Date”, then press the Hints confirmation button. • You can also display the The “Select Date” screen Dubbing Menu from the Disc appears. Navigation screen. Press DISC Select Date NAVIGATION, press MENU, Total Scenes select “Scene” “Dubbing” 001 1/ 9 / 2007 15min25sec “Dubbing Menu”, and then press 3/ 9 / 2007...

  • Page 92

    After the dubbing is complete, the Dubbing All Scenes confirmation screen whether or not Recorded on the HDD you delete the dubbed scenes (“All”) appears. • If you wish to erase the dubbed You can dub all scenes recorded on scenes, select “Yes”.

  • Page 93: Dubbing Scenes Selected ("select")

    Select “Execute“, then press the Dubbing Scenes confirmation button. Selected (“Select”) Dubbing starts. You can select your favourite scenes When another disc is needed to from all those recorded on the HDD, continue dubbing, a message screen for dubbing. requesting another blank disc appears.

  • Page 94

    Select a scene for dubbing by pressing SELECT, then press the Hints confirmation button • You can also display the Repeat this step until you choose all Dubbing Menu from the Disc the scenes to be dubbed. Navigation screen. Press DISC NAVIGATION, press MENU, Dubbing(Select) All Scenes...

  • Page 95

    Displaying only Dubbed or Clearing the dub marks Not Dubbed Scenes on Thumbnails (Category) (MARK OFF) You can display all scenes recorded You can use “New” dubbing again by on the HDD according to their dubbed clearing the dub mark “ ”.

  • Page 96: Editing

    Editing Information Display (p.111) By using the DISC NAVIGATION and MENU buttons, you can also edit You can choose a scene and check its recorded scenes. The following edit recording date and time, image functions are available on the quality, length (for movie), and camcorder.

  • Page 97: Menu Items For The Disc Navigation

    Menu Items for the Disc Navigation After pressing MENU on the disc navigation screen, you can use following functions. Function Contents Page You can delete unnecessary Editing scenes, combine scenes, or p.107 divide one scene. You can lock any scene so p.110 Scene lock that it will not be deleted by...

  • Page 98

    Function Contents Page You can unfinalise a DVD- RW (VF mode)/+RW that was finalised on this p.122 Unfinalisation camcorder so that additional videos can be recorded on the disc. You can play back scenes p.64 Repeat play repeatedly. You can play back stills in p.63 Slide show succession.

  • Page 99: Menu Flows For The Disc Navigation

    Menu flows for the disc navigation After pressing MENU on the disc navigation screen, the menu screen appears. The menu varies depending on the medium as shown below. for operations. See "How to Operate the Menu" (p.65). When using HDD (DZ-BD7HE)/BD-RE/DVD-RAM/DVD-RW (VR mode) Scene Edit Delete (p.107)

  • Page 100

    When using BD-R/DVD-RW (VF (Video) mode)/DVD-R/+RW Detail (p.111) Finalize Disc (p.118) Scene Disc Setting (BD/DVD) Unfinalize Disc (p.122) Go To (p.110) (DVD-RW/+RW only) Format Disc (p.112) Select (p.57) Start → Current (DVD-RW/+RW only) Current → end Capacity (p.114) Others Repeat Play Date Select All Scenes (p.64)

  • Page 101: Choosing Scenes By Date

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE Choosing Scenes by Date 9:00 10:20 11:45 13:30 17:20 20:00 Recorded on 20 October Plays back in the order from the earliest recorded scene Switching to the Date Select display arranged by Total Scenes date (Date) 001 1/ 9 / 2007...

  • Page 102: Playlist, What Is "playlist

    RAM -RW (VR) BD-RE Playlist What is “Playlist”? A Playlist is a compilation of scenes from various movies. You can create a Playlist on this camcorder by gathering your favourite scenes. Since a Playlist is not created by copying data, very little HDD/disc space is required to make one.

  • Page 103: Creating A New Playlist

    Creating a new Hints Playlist • The scenes that make up a (Create Playlist) playlist are not actually copied, but are linked from their original Press DISC NAVIGATION. data. Deleting a scene from a Select the scenes to be included in the playlist will not delete the playlist, then press MENU.

  • Page 104: Displaying A Desired Playlist (playlist), Adding Scenes To A Playlist (edit)

    Displaying a desired Adding scenes to a Playlist (Playlist) Playlist (Edit) After selecting the desired playlist, the Press DISC NAVIGATION, then disc navigation screen will appear. press MENU. Press DISC NAVIGATION, then Select “Date/Playlist Select” press MENU. “Playlist”, then press the confirmation Select “Date/Playlist Select”...

  • Page 105: Deleting Scenes From Playlist (edit)

    Deleting scenes from Choose the desired insertion position Playlist (Edit) by pressing Edit Playlist - Select Insert Point Press DISC NAVIGATION, then All Scenes press MENU. Playlist 01 003/008 Perform steps 2–4 in "Adding scenes to a Playlist (Edit)" (p.104). RETURN Press to move the cursor to the...

  • Page 106: Deleting A Playlist (delete)

    Arranging the order of Deleting a Playlist scenes in the Playlist (Delete) (Edit) Even if you delete a playlist, the original scenes stored on the HDD/ Press DISC NAVIGATION, then disc will not be deleted. press MENU. Press DISC NAVIGATION, then Select “Date/Playlist Select”...

  • Page 107: Deleting Scenes (edit - Delete), Dividing A Movie (edit - Divide)

    RAM -RW (VR) CARD BD-RE Deleting Scenes Notes • If the time of the deleted scenes (Edit - Delete) (stills) is quite short, the remaining free space of the HDD/ You can delete unnecessary scenes. BD/DVD/card may not show any increase in the HDD/disc or card Press DISC NAVIGATION.

  • Page 108: Combining Multiple Scenes (edit - Combine)

    Select “Yes”, then press the RAM -RW (VR) BD-RE confirmation button. Combining Multiple The selected scene will be divided, Scenes then the display will return to the (Edit - Combine) disc navigation screen. • Select “No” to quit division. The playback pause screen will If you have recorded numerous short appear.

  • Page 109: Adding Special Effects (edit - Fade)

    Wipe Notes • Scenes in different recording Wipe out dates cannot be combined. Create a Playlist first (p.103), then combine such scenes on the Playlist. • You cannot add movies recorded in different HD Video Mode Wipe in settings (p.84). In: From a black screen, the image opens from a horizontal split at the centre.

  • Page 110: Locking Scenes On A Card (lock)

    Select the special effects for “IN” or BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE “OUT”, “Enter”, then press the Go To confirmation button. • Use to move the You can move the cursor to the scene cursor to “IN”, “OUT”, “Enter”, recorded first or last using this or “Cancel”.

  • Page 111

    Select “Yes”, then press the Select “Scene” “Detail”, then confirmation button. press the confirmation button. The icon “ ” appears on the The detailed information of the locked stills on the disc navigation scene appears. screen. • Pressing will display information of other scenes.

  • Page 112

    RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) CARD BD-RE Hints Formatting the HDD/ • DCF (Design rule for Camera BD/DVD/CARD File system) is a unified image (Format HDD/Disc/ file format for video cameras. Image files can be commonly Card) used for all digital devices that conform to DCF.

  • Page 113

    Select “Yes”, then press the RAM -RW (VR) BD-RE confirmation button. Protecting the HDD/ • When using the HDD/BD-RE/ BD/DVD DVD-RAM/+RW/Card, (Protect HDD/Disc) formatting will start. • When using a DVD-RW disc, a screen for prompting you to Although previously recorded movies select the VF mode or VR mode will not be erased by recording new will appear.

  • Page 114: Checking The Remaining Recording Capacity On The Medium

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD BD-RE Checking the Remaining Recording Capacity on the Medium You can check the available recording space on the HDD or a BD/DVD (remaining recording duration) for recording movies, or on a memory card (the number of recordable stills) for recording stills, in the LCD monitor.

  • Page 115: Viewing On The Other Devices, Connecting To A Tv

    Viewing on the Other Devices BD-RE BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW CARD Use the GUIDE button for help! (p.10) Connecting to Your TV for Viewing Connecting to a TV The connection method differs depending on the type of video input terminal that your TV is equipped with.

  • Page 116

    Notes • 1080i signals are output from the camcorder’s HDMI OUT terminal. When the camcorder is connected to a TV which is not compliant with 1080i signals, the message “Playback error has occurred. Change the connection terminal.” appears in the camcorder’s LCD display. If the camcorder is recording or playing when this message is displayed, the operation stops.

  • Page 117: Viewing On Your Tv

    • When operating the camcorder while viewing your TV screen, using the supplied remote control is convenient. However, if you are using other Hitachi-brand A/V devices, they may be operated by the camcorder’s remote control. In this event, change remote control code.

  • Page 118: Before Playing Back A Bd/dvd On Another Bd Dvd Recorder/player (finalising)

    If you insert a DVD-R recorded on another recording device, such as a another Hitachi camcorder into this DVD recorder. The recorded data camcorder, the disc navigation may be damaged.

  • Page 119

    To play back a BD-R/ To play back a disc recorded on this camcorder using another BD/DVD DVD-RW (VF mode)/DVD- recorder/player, refer to the table R/+RW below. (Please also read the instruction manual for the playback Finalise a recorded BD-R/DVD-RW device.) (VF mode)/DVD-R/+RW.

  • Page 120: Finalising A Disc

    BD-R -RW (VR) -RW (VF) R +RW • A recorded +RW is automatically Finalising a Disc finalised when it is removed from the camcorder even if you do not Before you begin use the disc navigation function to finalise it (auto-finalise). An You must finalise a BD-R/DVD-RW auto-finalised +RW can be (VF mode)/DVD-R/+RW recorded/...

  • Page 121

    Select “YES”, then press the • No menu will be displayed confirmation button. when playing a BD. The message showing that the disc is being finalised will appear, and then the disc will be Using the FINALIZE button to finalised. finalise a disc When finalisation is complete, the disc navigation screen will...

  • Page 122: Unfinalising A Disc

    -RW (VF) Unfinalising a Disc You can unfinalise a DVD-RW (VF mode)/+RW finalised on this camcorder so that additional recording can be done on it. Press DISC NAVIGATION, and then press MENU. “Disc Setting” “Unfinalize Disc”, then press the confirmation button. A confirmation screen for unfinalisation appears.

  • Page 123: Connecting To Your Pc

    Connecting to your PC About the software • Although discs created using the included software supplied with the The PC connection cable and CD- camcorder can be played back on ROM software supplied with the devices which are compatible camcorder will allow you to use the with those discs, playback on all movies and stills recorded on this devices is not guaranteed.

  • Page 124

    PC requirements ® Windows XP Home Edition/Professional SP2 Windows Vista™ * 64-bit Edition is excluded. * To use this software, you must login as administrator. ® ® PC/AT adapter pre-installed with the above OS ® ® Intel Pentium D 2.8 GHz or greater ®...

  • Page 125: Software Installation

    Software installation Confirm the software licence agreement. The content and procedures for Read the software licence installation will differ depending on agreement carefully. If you agree the OS of your PC. with the terms, select “I accept the Turn on the power to your PC. terms of the license agreement.”, Login to your PC as a user with then click “Next”.

  • Page 126

    Select your country’s video system. After installation is complete, the following message screen will appear. Click “Finish” to restart your PC. Software installation is now complete. Click Perform installation. Preparations for installation are now complete. Click “Install” to Click begin the installation process. Note After completing software ®...

  • Page 127: Connecting The Camcorder To Your Pc

    Connecting the camcorder to your PC Turn on the camcorder power. When connecting the camcorder to a PC, connect the camcorder to the mains instead of using the battery pack. Choose the medium for connection to the PC (HDD(DZ-BD7HE)/BD/DVD/Card). The media selected on your camcorder before connecting to a PC can be accessed when the connection is established.

  • Page 128: Removing A Medium While The Camcorder Is Being Connected To The Pc

    Camcorder indications Removing a medium on the PC while the camcorder is being connected to If the camcorder is set to HDD or BD/ DVD mode and connected to a PC, it the PC is recognised as a disc drive. The disc set in the camcorder can be removed by operating the connected If the camcorder’s Movie/Stills switch...

  • Page 129: Using A Built-in Disc Drive Of Your Pc To Read A Disc Recorded On The Camcorder

    Using a built-in disc Before terminating PC drive of your PC to connection (removing read a disc recorded the PC connection on the camcorder cable) and changing the power switch If your PC’s disc drive is compatible setting with the disc you are using, you can use the disc as is.

  • Page 130: Using Imagemixer 3 Hd Edition For Bdcam

    BDCAM is provided as an electronic manual which you can access on your Select Hitachi BDCAM*. PC. Please refer to this manual for When you click on “Hitachi → details by clicking “Help(H)” BDCAM” appearing on the left “ImageMixer 3 Help(H) F1”...

  • Page 131

    Import images to the PC. Check the images imported to the PC. Select the thumbnail for the image Click “Library” to display the you wish to store, then click thumbnails of the imported images. “Import”. The PC starts importing the image(s). Click Play back the imported images.

  • Page 132

    Organize the images arrange the images according to recording date, and so on. imported to the PC As the images imported to your PC Creating an album to using ImageMixer 3 HD Edition for organize your images BDCAM increase, organizing your images will become difficult.

  • Page 133

    Create a new smart album. Hint From the “File” menu, select “New To select multiple files, click on Smart Album...”. the thumbnails for consecutive files by holding down the “Shift” key, or for non-consecutive files by holding down the “Ctrl” key. Add image files to your album.

  • Page 134

    Create a name for your smart album. Load a disc into the disc drive. The smart album created in steps 2 Insert a disc on which images are to and 3 is added as an “Untitled” be written. smart album. Click on “Untitled” to select it, then click on it again so Note that the quality of images will that you can change the name of the...

  • Page 135

    Register images to the disc creation Hint list. To make a disc creation list from Click on “Library” to display an an album or smart album, while image list. Then drag and drop the the album or smart album is images you wish to store to disc displayed, click on “Disc List”...

  • Page 136

    Write to the disc. Hint Click on and display the disc To select multiple files, click on creation list created in steps 3–5. the thumbnails while holding Then click on “Write” at screen down the “Shift” key to select bottom to display the write setup consecutive files, or the “Ctrl”...

  • Page 137: Uninstalling The Software, Contact The Following

    Click “Start”, then “Control Panel”, between PC and this and then click (or double click) “Add camcorder: or Remove Programs”. From the HITACHI Camcorder PC displayed application list, select Software Support Centre “ImageMixer 3 HD Edition for BDCAM”, then click the “Change/ URL:http://dvdcam-pc.support.

  • Page 138: Precautions When Connecting To A Pc

    Precautions When Connecting to a PC When connecting the camcorder to a PC, use the AC adapter/ charger as a power source. If the camcorder power is cut during data transfer, your valuable recorded data may be lost. If this occurs while writing to disc, the disc will no longer be usable.

  • Page 139: Additional Information, Optional Accessories

    Additional Information Optional Accessories CAMERA ACCESSORIES Wide conversion lens (DZ-WL43) (p.72) Tele-conversion lens (DZ-TL43) (p.72) • When using camera accessories, be sure to read the instruction manuals for each accessory. POWER SUPPLY Battery (DZ-BP14SW) Battery (DZ-BP21SW) • Refer to the catalogue for details. •...

  • Page 140: Error Messages

    Error Messages If an error message appears while operating the camcorder, refer to the following table for details and remedies. Messages are arranged in alphabetical order. Reference Message Cause & Troubleshooting page (1) Disc is not These messages appear when a new BD-RE/BD-R/DVD- formatted.

  • Page 141

    Reference Message Cause & Troubleshooting page All scenes are This message will appear if you attempt a “New” dubbing already dubbed. when there are no un-dubbed scenes on the HDD. Turn 87, 95 Please use other Dub off the dubbed marks on scene(s) you want to dub, or Mode.

  • Page 142

    Reference Message Cause & Troubleshooting page Cannot record video. This message will appear when the record button is Set Movie/Stills pressed with the movie/stills switch set to “ ”. switch to “Movie”. Set the move/stills switch to “ ”. Cannot sleep mode. •...

  • Page 143

    Reference Message Cause & Troubleshooting page Check disc. A disc unusable on this camcorder may have been inserted or the disc may be damaged. 38, 113 Make sure that the type of disc is correct, and that the disc is not write-protected. Check HDD Check to see whether the HDD is write-protected.

  • Page 144

    Reference Message Cause & Troubleshooting page Disc must be • This message will appear if you remove a BD-R/DVD- finalized before it RW (VF mode)/DVD-R disc that has not been can be played on finalised. another device. • See *5 on p.147. Drive overheat.

  • Page 145

    Reference Message Cause & Troubleshooting page HDD/Disc has no The Playlist menu was selected, but no playlists are Playlist. stored. HDD/Disc includes The disc may be software protected from a device other protected scenes. than this camcorder. To release, use the device that —...

  • Page 146

    Reference Message Cause & Troubleshooting page Scene No.xxx is too This message will appear during all scene dubbing if the large to fit on one data size of the scene to be dubbed is larger than the free disc. Divide scene space on one disc (approx.

  • Page 147

    Reference Message Cause & Troubleshooting page Write protected. A card with the erase prevention switch locked is Check card. inserted. Unlock the switch. Write protected. The HDD or disc is write-protected. Use the disc Check HDD/disc. navigation menu to release the protection. •...

  • Page 148: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If you have any trouble with your camcorder, first use this troubleshooting guide to try to solve the problem. If the problem persists, consult your dealer. Do not attempt to make any physical repairs yourself. Power supplies Reference Symptom Cause and Correction page Battery cannot be...

  • Page 149: During Recording

    Reference Symptom Cause and Correction page Power turns off Is the battery charged? immediately after being Charge it. turned on. When power is turned on, the LCD screen will turn on and off. The ACCESS/PC indicator is flashing, even though nothing is displayed on the LCD monitor screen.

  • Page 150

    Reference Symptom Cause and Correction page Recording starts but Is the disc scratched or dirty? stops immediately. Clean the disc. If there is still no improvement, replace the disc. No photo can be • Check to see whether the proper type of card is loaded. recorded.

  • Page 151: During Playback

    Reference Symptom Cause and Correction page An error message for Follow the on-screen instructions to repair. repair appears. You must connect the AC adapter/charger to the camcorder to make repairs. However, as an exception, if you are using the HDD (DZ-BD7HE) and an error occurs in part of a movie file, you can also use the battery pack for repair (if the battery charge indicator shows more than half charge).

  • Page 152

    Reference Symptom Cause and Correction page No sound. If you are viewing images on a TV, is the TV volume control set correctly? Adjust the TV volume. Not displayed BD, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW(VR mode) recorded on this normally in the disc camcorder and edited on another device may not be navigation screen.

  • Page 153

    Reference Symptom Cause and Correction page It takes some time to Stills with a large number of pixels will take more time to play back photos on appear. — card. When the camcorder is connected to a PC Reference Symptom Cause and Correction page No drive icon...

  • Page 154

    Reference Symptom Cause and Correction page Movies are not Make sure the power switch of this camcorder is set to recognised by “HDD” or “BD/DVD”. ImageMixer 3 HD Edition for BDCAM on the PC. The DISC EJECT While the camcorder is connected to the PC, use Explorer switch does not work to right-click the camcorder drive icon and select “Eject”.

  • Page 155

    Reference Symptom Cause and Correction page Pressing QUICK • The camcorder enters sleep mode when QUICK START does not START is pressed only while in recording pause mode. enter sleep mode. • Check the following causes: - there is no disc in the camcorder while the power switch is set to “BD/DVD”.

  • Page 156

    Reference Symptom Cause and Correction page Disc cover cannot be Is the disc correctly inserted? closed. Remove the disc and then reinsert it. Connect a fully charged battery or AC adapter/charger, 23, 45 and then turn the camcorder on and try again. Operating noise is This is not a fault.

  • Page 157: Cautions On Use Of This Product Be Sure To Read This Information

    Additional Information Cautions on Use of this Product - Be sure to read this information - Cautions on the HDD (DZ-BD7HE) Save the data recorded on HDD. • To back up the data recorded on HDD, save it on a DVD. It is also recommended that you use this camcorder to dub the data.

  • Page 158

    Liquid crystal display (LCD) and viewfinder • The LCD monitor and viewfinder are the products of highly precise technology. Among the total number of pixels (approx. 210,000 pixels for LCD monitor and equivalent to approx. 200,000 pixels for viewfinder), 0.01% or less pixels may be missing (black dots) or may remain lit as coloured dots (red, blue, green).

  • Page 159

    • Cleaning the DVD lens is not necessary when using this camcorder in the usual way. • Using 8 cm CD lens cleaner could cause this camcorder to be faulty. • If you have to clean the lens, use a Hitachi Maxell cleaner that is exclusively for 8 cm DVD discs.

  • Page 160

    The HDD/BD/DVD will be restored. (p.140) • Use a disc which is not dirty, scratched, or warped. (BD/DVD) • A Hitachi Maxell disc is recommended. (BD/DVD) • If there is concern that the camcorder may be subjected to large vibrations or impact during transport, remove the BD/DVD and protect the camcorder using soft protective materials.

  • Page 161: Disc Cleaning

    Storing discs • If the camcorder is not used for long periods of time, remove the disc from the camcorder. • When storing disc, replace it in the plastic case in which it was purchased. • Be careful that no condensation occurs on disc. •...

  • Page 162

    (generally available) to completely delete the data on it. It is user's responsibility to control the data on disc and memory card. • Hitachi will not accept any responsibility for leaking of personal data.

  • Page 163: System Reset

    System Reset If the camcorder does not operate normally, perform “System Reset”. The camcorder may recover to normal. “System Reset” will reset all settings to the factory defaults. The date and time will also be reset. Set the date and time again before using the camcorder.

  • Page 164

    Setting Item Default method Date Setup Date Set 1/1/2007 0:00 p.25 Date Mode D/M/Y p.69 Initial Setup Beep p.68 Power Save p.68 Record LED p.83 Language English p.24 Demo Mode Auto p.69 • Some items will not appear, depending on the disc or card inserted.

  • Page 165: End User License Agreements For Operating System Software

    GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.1 as defined by the Free Software Foundation, Inc. The operating system software incorporated in this HITACHI CAMCORDER is shown in the table below and the applicable license(s) are detailed on the following pages of this instruction manual.

  • Page 166

    End User License Agreements for Operating System Software GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991 Copyright© 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc. 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed. licensed at all.

  • Page 167

    rived from the Program or any part thereof, to be the program in object code or executable form licensed as a whole at no charge to all third par- with such an offer, in accord with Subsection b ties under the terms of this License. above.) c) If the modified program normally reads com- The source code for a work means the preferred...

  • Page 168

    End User License Agreements for Operating System Software could satisfy both it and this License would be to re- NO WARRANTY frain entirely from distribution of the Program. 11. BECAUSE THE PROGRAM IS LICENSED FREE OF If any portion of this section is held invalid or unen- CHARGE, THERE IS NO WARRANTY FOR THE PRO- forceable under any particular circumstance, the bal- GRAM, TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE...

  • Page 169

    even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA Also add information on how to contact you by elec-...

  • Page 170

    End User License Agreements for Operating System Software GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.1, February 1999 Copyright© 1991, 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc. 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed. [This is the first released version of the Lesser GPL.

  • Page 171

    GNU operating system, as well as its variant, the GNU/ You may charge a fee for the physical act of transfer- Linux operating system. ring a copy, and you may at your option offer warranty protection in exchange for a fee. Although the Lesser General Public License is Less protective of the users' freedom, it does ensure that the 2.

  • Page 172

    End User License Agreements for Operating System Software all the notices that refer to this License, so that they re- of the Library will still fall under Section 6.) fer to the ordinary GNU General Public License, version Otherwise, if the work is a derivative of the Library, 2, instead of to this License.

  • Page 173

    e) Verify that the user has already received a copy of 11. If, as a consequence of a court judgment or alle- these materials or that you have already sent this gation of patent infringement or for any other reason user a copy.

  • Page 174

    End User License Agreements for Operating System Software for permission. For software which is copyrighted by END OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS the Free Software Foundation, write to the Free Soft- How to Apply These Terms to Your New Libraries ware Foundation; we sometimes make exceptions for this.

  • Page 175: Major Specifications

    Additional Information Major Specifications Image sensor 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor Total number of pixels approx. 5,300,000 Number of effective pixels Movie: approx. 2,070,000 Still: approx. 4,320,000 Lens F1.8–3.0 f = 5– 50 mm Filter diameter: 43 mm Thread pitch: 0.75 mm Focus Auto/Manual Zoom...

  • Page 176

    HX: 1920 × 1080 Movie recording pixels HF/HS: 1440 × 1080 SX/SF: 720 × 576 Recordable discs 8 cm BD-RE 7.5 GB 2x (Ver. 2.1) 8 cm BD-R 7.5 GB 2x (Ver. 1.1) 8 cm DVD-RAM (conforming to DVD-RAM Ver. 2.1) 8 cm DVD-RW (conforming to DVD-RW Ver.

  • Page 177

    Total weight when recording DZ-BD7HE: Approx. 705 g (When using the battery pack DZ-BP14S) DZ-BD70E: Approx. 650 g (When using the battery pack DZ-BP14S) Provided accessories AC adapter/charger, Battery pack, AV/S output cable, HDMI cable, Infrared remote control, Lithium battery for remote control, Mains lead, DC power cord, Software CD-ROM, PC connection cable, Single-sided 8 cm BD-RE disc, Disc cleaning cloth...

  • Page 178

    • Maximum number of scenes that can be recorded/dubbed on HDD/ one disc Recording media Maximum number of scenes 3999 BD-RE /BD-R /DVD-RAM /DVD-RW DVD-R Recording only Per disc (one side) Combining scenes will not increase the remaining number of recordable scenes. If there are combined scenes, the maximum number of scenes in the table may not be the same as the actual maximum number of scenes that can be recorded/dubbed.

  • Page 179: Glossary

    Additional Information Glossary Audio feedback A screeching noise which may be PAL is one of the standard colour produced when the camcorder is television systems. connected to a TV or speakers. To PAL is in use in Europe, China, and some prevent the noise, keep a distance other countries.

  • Page 180: Index

    Additional Information Index ..........111 Detail ........70 Digital zoom ....23, 44, 45 AC adapter/charger ......56, 97 Disc navigation ......41 ACCESS/PC indicator .......... 57 exit ........77 Assist light ..........107 Divide ........80 Auxiliary line Dubbing ........

  • Page 181

    Play ........104 playlist ..58, 110 Go To (on Disc Navigation) .......64 Repeat Play ........8, 16 GUIDE button ........29 scene ........63 Slide Show ..........102 Playlist ......76 Portrait (Program AE) ........19 Hand strap ........68 Power Save ........76 Program AE ......37 available functions ..........113 Protect ........112...

  • Page 182

    ........21 Viewfinder ..........60 Volume ........78 White balance ........109 White fade ......72 Wide-conversion lens ........124 Windows ........109 Wipe fade ..........70 Zoom ......60, 70, 73 Zoom lever...

  • Page 183: Be Sure To Read The Following Before Opening The Package Of Cd-rom

    Licence Agreement ■ Grant of Licence • Hitachi, Ltd. nonexclusively grants you the right to install this programme in one computer and use it, but this right cannot be transferred to a third party. • You can duplicate one copy of this programme in a form readable on computer, but only for the purpose of backup, and under the condition that the display concerning the copyright remains in the original status.

  • Page 184

    SOME DO’S AND DON’TS ON THE SAFE USE OF EQUIPMENT This equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards but, like any electrical equipment, care must be taken if you are to obtain the best results and safety is to be assured. ★★★★★★★★★★...

  • Page 185

    PLEASE PHOTOCOPY AND DISPLAY Used correctly, domestic batteries are a safe and dependable source of portable power. Problems can occur if they are misused or abused — resulting in leakage or, in extreme cases, fire or explosion. Here are some simple guidelines to safe battery use designed to eliminate any such problems.

  • Page 186

    Hitachi, Ltd. Japan HITACHI EUROPE LTD. HITACHI EUROPE S.A. Consumer Affairs Department 364, Kifissias Ave. & 1, Delfon Str. PO Box 3007 152 33 Chalandri Maidenhead Athens GREECE Berkshire SL6 8ZE UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 210 6837200 Tel: 0870 405 4405...

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