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Safety Rules - Craftsman 536.270280 Operator's Manual

Mid-engine rider 13.5 hp. electric start 30" mower / mulcher hydrostatic drive
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Table of Contents
Safe Operation Practices for Ride-on Mowers
WARNING: This cutting machine is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwing objects. Failure to observe the
following safety instructions could result in serious injury or death.
Read, understand and follow all instructions in the Instruction
Book, on the machine, the engine and with any attachments be-
fore starting.
Only allow responsible adults, who are familiar with the instruc-
tions, to operate the machine.
Clear the area of objects such as rocks, toys, wire, etc., which
could be picked up and thrown by the blade.
Be sure the area is clear of other people before mowing. Stop
the machine if anyone enters the area.
Never carry passengers.
Turn off power to the blades or any attachments before backing
up. Do not mow in reverse unless absolutely necessary. Always
look down and behind before and while backing.
Be aware of the mower discharge direction and do not point it
at anyone. Do not operate the mower without either the entire
grass bagger or the mower guard in place.
Slow down before turning.
Never leave a machine unattended with the engine running. Al-
ways turn off the blade(s), set the parking brake, stop the en-
gine and remove the key before dismounting.
10. Turn off power to attachment(s) when transporting or not in use.
Turn off the blade(s) when not mowing.
11. Stop the engine before removing the grass bagger or unclog-
ging the chute.
12. Mow only in daylight or good artificial light.
13. Do not operate the machine while under the influence of alcohol
or drugs or when very tired.
14. Watch for traffic when operating near or crossing roadways.
15. Use extra caution when loading or unloading the machine into
a trailer or truck.
16. Disengage all attachment clutches and shift into Neutral before
attempting to start the engine.
17. Always wear goggles, safety glasses, or an eye shield when
you operate the unit to protect your eyes from foreign objects
that can be thrown from the unit. Always wear eye protection
when you make an adjustment or repair to the machine.
18. Use care when pulling loads or using heavy equipment.
a. Use only approved drawbar hitch points.
b. Limit loads to those you can safely control.
c. Do not turn sharply. Use care when backing.
d. Use counterweights or wheel weights when suggested in the
instruction Book.
19. Do not operate this machine if you are taking drugs or other me-
dication which can cause drowsiness or affect your ability to op-
erate this machine.
20. Do not use this machine ff you are mentally or physically unable
to operate this machine safely.
21. Data indicates that operators, age 60 years and above, are in-
volved in a large percentage of riding mower related injuries.
These operators should evaluate their ability to operate a riding
mower safely enough to protect themselves
and others from
serious injury.
II. Slope operation
Slopes and rough terrain are major factors related to loss-of-
control and tip-over accidents, which can result in severe inju-
ry or death. ALL slopes require extra caution. It you cannot
back up the slope or if you feel uneasy on the slope, do not mow
it. See the "Slope Guide" in the back of this book to check for
safe operation.
MOWup and down slopes, not across.
Remove obstacles such as rocks, limbs, etc...
Watch for holes, ruts or bumps. Uneven terrain could overturn
the machine. Tall grass can hide obstacles.
Follow the manufacturer's recommendations
for wheel weights
or counterweights to improve stability.
Use extra care with grass baggers or other attachments, they
can change the stability of the machine.
Keep all movement on the slopes slow and gradual. Do not
make sudden changes in speed or direction.
Avoid starting or stopping on a slope. If tires lose traction, turn
off the blades and proceed slowly straight down the slope.
Do not turn on slopes unless absolutely necessary, then only
turn slowly and gradually downhill, if possible.
Do not mow drolm_ffs, ditches or embankments. A wheel over
the edge or an edge caving in could cause a sudden overturn
and an injury or death.
Do not mow on wet grass. Reduced traction could cause slid-
Do not try to stabilize the machine by putting your foot on the
Do not use a grass bagger or other rear mounted accessories
on steep slopes (greater than 10 degrees).
III. Children
Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not alert to the
presence of children. Children are often attracted to the ma-
chine and the mowing activity. NEVER assume that children
will remain where you last saw them.
Keep children out of the mowing area and in the watchful care
of another responsible adult.
Be alert and turn the engine off if children enter the area.
Before and when backing, look behind
and down for small

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Table of Contents

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