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Trimming; Scalping; Mowing; Sweeping - Craftsman BRUSHWACKER 358.795180 Instruction Manual

32cc/1.9 cu. in. 2-cycle gasoline brushwacker
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Do not r un the engine atahigher speed
than necessary.
The cutting line will c ut
when t he engine isrun atless
than full t hrottle. Atlower speeds, there
isless e ngine noise a nd vibration.
cutting line will l ast l onger and will b e
less l ikely to
%reid" onto the spool.
Always release the throttle trigger and
allow the engine to return to idle
speed when not cutting.
To stop engine:
• Release the throttle trigger.
• Push and release the engine ON/
STOP switch.
Use minimum
speed and do not crowd the line when
cutting around hard objects
gravel, fence posts, etc.), which can
the trimmer head, become
entangled in the line, or be thrown
a serious
• The tip of the line does the cutting.
You will achieve the best perform-
ance and minimum
line wear by not
crowding the line into the cutting
area. The right and wrong ways are
shown below.
Tip of line does the
Line crowded into
• The line will easily remove grass
and weeds from around walls,
fences, trees and flower beds, but it
also can cut the tender bark of trees
or shrubs and scar fences.
• For trimming
or scalping,
use less
than full throttle to increase
line life
and decrease
head wear, especially:
• During light duty cutting.
• Near objects around which the line
can wrap such as small posts,
trees or fence wire.
• For mowing or sweeping,
use full
throttle for a good clean job.
- Hold the bottom of the
trimmer head about 3 in. (8 cm) above
the ground and at an angle. Allow only
the tip of the line to make contact.
not force trimmer line into work area.
3 in. (8 ore)
Above Ground
- The scalping technique
removes unwanted vegetation down to
the ground. Hold the bottom of the trim-
mer head about 3 in. (8 cm) above the
ground and at an angle. Allow the tip of
the line to strike the ground around
trees, posts, monuments,
etc. This tech-
nique increases line wear.
- Your trimmer is ideal for
mowing in places conventional
mowers cannot reach. In the mowing
position, keep the line parallel to the
ground. Avoid pressing
the head into
the ground as this can scalp the
ground and damage the tool.
SWEEPING - The fanning action of the
rotating line can be used to blow away
loose debris from an area. Keep the line
parallel to and above the area surface
and swing the tool from side to side.

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Table of Contents

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