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Figure 1; Press - Frigidaire PLES399ECI Control Manual

Electronic oven control
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Setting Oven Controls (oont n ed!
To Set the Sabbath
(for use on the Jewish Sabbath
& Holidays)
Note: You may change the oven temperature
once baking has
started by pressing
the numeric key pads for the
you want examp,e
for 42 °F press
@, @ ,
and then pressing
TWICE (for Jewish Holidays only).
Remember that the oven control will no longer beep when a
keypad is pressed or display
any further changes
once the
oven is set for the Sabbath feature.
The oven may be turned OFF at any time by first pressing t
pad (this will turn the oven OFF only). To turn OFF the Sabbath
feature press and hold both the @
and @
pads for at least 3 @
seconds. This also turns off the oven. SAb will disappear from the
display (figure 1 ).
Figure 1
It is recommended
that at any oven temperature
change with the Sabbath feature activated be followed with 2 presses
of the START pad. This will insure the oven remains ON even if the attempt to set the oven temperature was lower or
higher than the oven control can accept. If the oven temperature is set incorrectly, the oven temperature will default to
170°F or 550°F. Try to set the desired oven temperature again.
Should you experience a power failure or interruption, the oven will shut off. When power is returned the oven will not
turn back on automatically.
The oven will remember that it is set for the Sabbath and the food may be safely removed
from the oven while still in the Sabbath feature, however the oven cannot be turned back on until after the Sabbath.
After the
Sabbath observance turn OFF the Sabbath feature. Press and hold both the _
and _
pads for at least 3
seconds. SAb will disappear from the display and the oven may be used with all normal functions. For further
assistance, guidelines for proper usage, and a complete list of models with the Sabbath feature, please visit the web at

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