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Operation; Maintenance - Craftsman 486.24536 Owner's Manual

Sleeve hitch


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* Move theliftleverbackward t olower thesleeve hitch,
Attach animplement using thesleeve hitchpin,
Tighten the5/8"x 2"stabilizer b oltsagainst t he
implement hitchandthentighten thejamnuts,See
Figure 5 onPage5,
IMPORTANT: Someimplements mayrequire thatthe
stabilizer boltsnotbetightened, Refer t oyourimplement
owner's manual,
Thesleeve hitchis assembled i nthelowest p osition
bytheassembly instructions, If theimplement
attached tothesleeve hitchis notlevel f ronttoback
during operation:
a, Movethehexboltintheliftinglinktoa hole
(3 holes available) thatgivesbetter levelling,
b, Forcloseradjustment, move thehexbolt
assembled i nfigure1 toa position inthethree
position slotthatgivesbetter levelling,
Totowan implement thathasa towhitch,simply
remove threeclevispinsandthenremove theSleeve
HitchLiftAssembly f romtheSleeve HitchFrame
Toremove theentireSleeve Hitchattachment, remove
the5/8"x 1o3/4" h exboltand5/8"ny!ock nutwhich
fasten thebottom ofthesleeve hitchtothetractor
hitch,thenlifttheattachment offthetractor,
* Clean offaftereachuse,
* Oilpivotpoints asneeded,
* Store in a dry!ocation,


Table of Contents

Table of Contents