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Failure Modes - Frigidaire FES365EBE Control Function Manual

Electronic oven control
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Recalibrating Your Oven Temperature
Recalibrating Your Oven Temperature
The temperature in the oven has been set at the factory. When first using the oven, be sure to follow recipe times and
If you think the oven is too hot or too cool, the temperature in the oven can be adjusted. Before adjusting, test
a recipe by using a temperature setting that is higher or lower than recommended temperature. The baking results should help
you to decide how much of an adjustment is needed.
To Adjust Oven Temperature:
Push the BAKE pad.
Set the temperature to 550°F (287°C) by pushing and holding the UP ARROW pad.
Within 2 seconds, push and hold the BAKE pad until the special 2 digit display appears. Release the BAKE pad. The display
now indicates the amount of degrees offset between the original factorytemperature
setting and the current temperature
setting. If the oven control has the original factory calibration, the display will read "00."
can nowbeadjusted
up or down 35°F(17°C), in 5°F(1°C) steps by pushing and holdingthe UP or DOWN
AR ROW pad. Adjust until the desired amount of degrees offset appears in the display. When lowering the oven temperature,
a min us sign (-) will appear before the n umber to indicate that the oven will be cooler by the displayed amount of degrees.
When you have made the desired adjustment, push the CLEAR OFF pad to go back to the time of day display.
Note: The adjustment made will not change the self-cleaning temperature.
Failure Modes
All failure modes give a visual and audible alarm. When display shows F1 (internal fault), F3 (oven sensor circuit fault) or F9
(motor door lock fault), the electronic oven control has detected a fault condition. Note that code and push the CLEAR OFF
pad to clean the display and stop the beeping. Reprogram the oven. If fault recurs, push CLEAR OFF pad, disconnect the
appliance to prevent damage and contact an authorized servicer.



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