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Craftsman 315.101540 Operator's Manual page 12

3/8 in. 19.2 volt cordless right angle drill-driver variable speed/reversible
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[] RedLEDshou(d remain onfor approximately 1 hour
thenthegreenLEDwillcomeon.Green LEDon
indicates battery packis fullycharged andcharger i s
inma(ntenance charge mode.
NOTE: ThegreenLEDwillremain onunti!the battery
packis removed fromthecharger o r charger i s
disconnected f romthepowersupp(y.
[] (fbothyellowandgreenLEDs comeon,this indicates
a deeplydischarged o rdefective battery pack.AHow
the battery packto remain inthecharger f or15to 30
minutes. When the battery packreaches normal
vo(tage range, t he redLEDshou(d comeon.(fthered
LEDdoesnotcomeonafter30minutes, thismay
indicate a defective battery packandshou(d be
[] Afternormal u sage, a m(nimum of 1 hourofcharging
t(meis required to fullyrecharge battery pack.
[] Thebattery packwill become slight(y warmtothe
touchwhilecharging. Th(sis norma( a nddoesnot
indicate a problem.
[] Donotplacethecharger a ndbattery packin anarea
of extreme heator cold.Theyw((I w orkbestat normal
NOTE: Thecharger a ndbattery packshou(d bep(aced
ina (ocation where thetemperature i s morethan50°F
but(ess than100°F.
[] Whenbatteries become fullycharged, u np(ug the
charger f rompowersupp(y andremove thebattery
When using the too( continuous(y, the batteries in the
battery pack will become hot. You should let a hot bat-
tery pack coo( down for approximately
30 minutes before
attempting to recharge. When the battery pack becomes
discharged and is hot, this w((I cause the green LED to
come on instead of the red LED. After 30 minutes, reinsert
the battery pack in the charger. (f the green LED continues
to remain on, return battery pack to your nearest Sears
Repair Center for checking or rep(acing.
NOTE: This situat(on on(y occurs when continuous
use of
the too( causes the batteries to become hot. (t does not
occur under normal circumstances.
Refer to "CNARG-
(NG A COOL BATTERY PACK" for norma( recharg(ng
of batteries. (f the charger does not charge your battery
pack under normal circumstances,
return both the battery
pack and charger to your nearest Sears Repair Center for
electrical check.
See Figure 3.
[] Lock the switch trigger on the drill by p(acing the direc-
tion of rotation selector in the center position.
[] P(ace the battery pack in the dr(((. AHgn the ra(sed rib
on the battery pack with the groove inside the ddH.
When p(acing battery pack in the too!,
be sure raised rib on battery pack aligns with the
bottom of the drill and (atches into p(ace proper(y.
(mproper installation of the battery pack can cause
damage to internal components.
[] Make sure the (atches on each side of the battery pack
snap (nto p(ace and the battery pack is secured in the
dr((( before beg(nning operation.
See Figure 3.
[] Lock the switch trigger on the dd(( by p(acing the direc-
t(on of rotation selector in the center posit(on.
[] Locate the latches on the side of the battery pack and
depress to release the battery pack from the dril!.
[] Remove the battery pack from the drill.
Fig. 3



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