Service Safety; Additional Specific Safety Rules - Craftsman 172.171040 Owner's Manual

Reciprocating saw variable speed double insulated 6.5 amp & 7.5 amp
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1. Tool service MUST BE performed only at a Sears Service Center.
Service or maintenance
performed by unqualified personnel
could result in a risk of injury.
2. When servicing
a tool, ALWAYS use only Identical replacement parts.
Follow Instructions
in the Maintenance
section of this manual. Use of
unauthorized parts or failure to follow Maintenance instructions may create
a risk of electric shock or injury.
1. Know your power tool. Read operator's
manual carefully.
Learn the
and limitations,
as well as the specific potential hazards
related to this tool. Following this rule will reduce the risk of electric shock,
fire or serious injury.
2. ALWAYS hold tool by insulated gripping surfaces when performing
operation where the cutting tool may contact hidden wiring or its own
cord. Contact with a 'live" wire will make the exposed metal parts of the tool
"live" and shock the operator.
3. ALWAYS keep your hands away from cutting area. DO NOT reach under
the material being cut because the nearness of the blade to your hand is
hidden from your sight.
4. DO NOT use dull or damaged
blades. Bent blades can break easily,
or cause kickback,
5. ALWAYS wear safety glasses or eye shields when using this saw.
ALWAYS wear a dust mask or respirator for applications
generate dust.
6. ALWAYS protect your lungs. Wear a face mask or dust mask if the
operation is dusty.
Following this rule will reduce the risk of serious
personal injury.
7. ALWAYS protect your hearing. Wear hearing protection during extended
periods of operation.
Following this rule will reduce the risk of serious
personal injury.
8. ALWAYS inspect and remove all nails from lumber before sawing.
Following this rule will reduce the risk of sedous personal injury.
Refer to them frequently and use them to
instruct others who may use this tool. If someone borrows this tool,
make sure they have these instructions

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