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Craftsman 183.287660 Safety And Assembly Instructions page 2

Flex shaft for all-in-one cutting tool
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Safety and Assembly Instructions
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Align the flex shaft connector cap (6) with the
cutting tool motor housing (8) (see Fig. 3).
a) Carefully align the square end of the flex
shaft center core so it will engage into the
square hole in the collet.
b) Make sure the keyway (7) in the inside of
the connector cap aligns with the matching key
(8) on the motor housing.
c) Occasionally the flex shaft inner core may
slide out of the outer casing during handling. If
this should happen, simply reinsert the inner
core into the outer casing from the connector
cap end of the flex shaft. Rotate the inner core
to ensure the square end is properly engaged in
the collet assembly.
When shaft center core and connector cap are
properly aligned, slide the connector cap fully
onto the motor housing. Lock connector cap
into place by pressing on the quick connect
lever (9).
Fig. 3
To insert an accessory into the flex shaft collet,
rotate collet nut (12) until hole in shaft aligns
with hole in flex shaft collar (11) (see Fig. 4).
Insert Allen key (10) into aligned holes and use
the small fiat wrench supplied (13) to turn collet
nut counter clockwise.
When collet is loose, insert accessory and turn
collet clockwise to tighten, making sure the
accessory is centered in the collet. Use the
small fiat wrench to tighten clockwise.
10. Remove Allen key and rotate the collet by hand
to ensure accessory does not wobble.
Fig. 4
To Change Collet Size
The flex shaft comes with two different collets. One
is for 1/8" shank bits and the other is for 3/32"
shank bits.
Loosen collet nut on end of shaft as outlined in
step #8 above.
Remove collet nut (12) and remove collet (13)
from end of shaft (14) (see Fig. 5).
Insert correct collet in the end of the shaft.
Reinstall collet nut on shaft.
Fig. 5
Do not store or operate flex shaft with a bend
radius of less than 6" (150mm) (see Fig. 5).
Fig. 6



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