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Start-Up And Temperaturecontrol; Starting The Unit; Adjusting The Temperature - Electrolux EI24WC65GS1 Use & Care Manual

Wine cooler / beverage center


Table of Contents
Start=Up and Temperature
the Unit
Your wine cooler/beverage
center is shipped in the ON position; however, you may turn it ON or OFF by
pressing the ON/OFF for three (3) seconds.
the Temperature
To accurately check the temperature, insert a reliable thermometer
into a plastic (non-breakable)
bottle, partially filled with water.
Tighten the bottle cap securely.
Place the bottle in the desired area for 24 hours. Refrain from
opening the unit during the testing period. After 24 hours, check the
temperature of the water.
Press the (+) or (-) indicator to adjust the temperature to the desired
setting. The temperature display will begin to blink with the first
touch. Adjust the temperature by touching the key. After three
(3) seconds of inactivity, the display will beep to accept the new
Factors that affect the internal
of the cabinet
• Temperature setting
• Room temperature where installed
• Number of times the door is opened and closed
• Amount of time the internal light is illuminated (this affects primarily wines/beverages
on the top
• Installation in direct sunlight or near a heat source

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Table of Contents

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