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CRAFTSMAN 315.271410 Owner's Manual Page 8

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See Rgure 8.
Depress and release the switch trigger to be sure your
ddli is in "Off" position before connecting if to power
Check fhe direation of rotatton lever tor corTectsatting
(ton_vard or reverse). See Figure 3.
Secure the material fo be drilled in a viseor wit hclamps
fo keep it from turning as the dd]l bit rotates.
Plug your dri]l into power supply source.
Hold your drill firmly and place the bit al the point to be
the switch"On" forjobswhere yourddll may need to be
stopped suddenly.
Move the drill bit into the workplece applying only
enough pressure to keep the bit cutting. DO not force
your drillor apply side pressure to elongate a hole. Let
your drill and bit do the work. See Figure 8,
When drilling hard, smooth surfaces use a center punch to
mark the desired hole location,
This will prevent the drill bit
from slippingoff center as the hole is started, However, the
variable speed feature allows stadlng holes without center
punching if desired. TO accomplish this, operate your drill at
a low speed until the hole is started.
When drilling metlds use a 5ghtoilon the drillbit to keepit from
overheating. The oilwill prolong the life ofthe bitand increase
the drilling action.
If the bit jams in the workpiece or if your drill stalls, stop the
foolimmediately. Remove the bit from the workpiece and de-
fermine the reason for jarmning.
See Figure 9.
Your new ddll has an 8' powercord that stays soft and flexible
in cold weather. The plug design is shaped so that it won't
snag on yourwork during use. A molded cord clip on the ptug
makes cord storage easier.
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Fig. 9


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