Using The Remote Control Button; Connecting The Paired Car Kit To Your Phone - Nokia CK-1W User Manual

Wireless car kit
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2. Using the remote control button

Before using the car kit, make sure that
• the car ignition is turned on.
• the car kit is paired and connected to your phone. For pairing the car kit, see
Taking the car kit into use for the first time
kit, see

Connecting the paired car kit to your phone

• your phone is within 10 meters of the handsfree unit and that there are no
obstructions, such as walls, or other electronic devices between the handsfree
unit and the phone.
For using the car kit with several phones, see page 12.
■ Connecting the paired car kit to your phone
To connect the car kit to your phone, turn on the car ignition or make the
connection in the phone's Bluetooth menu. .
Note that turning on the car ignition creates the connection automatically only if
you have set the phone to accept Bluetooth connection requests without your
permission. In Nokia phones this can be done by changing your paired device
settings in the Bluetooth menu
For disconnecting the car kit from your phone, see page 12.
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on page 7. For connecting the car

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Table of Contents

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