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Nokia CA-300 User Manual page 5

Fm transmitter
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AD-53 adapter to the device and the
audio plug to the adapter.
On the transmitter, press the
frequency up key (3) or frequency
down key (5) repeatedly to select the
same frequency as on your car radio
system. The frequency is shown on the
Save a frequency
To save the selected frequency in the
transmitter for later use, press and
hold the memory key (4) for about 2
seconds until the M1/M2 indicator
flashes four times on the display.
The transmitter has two memory
locations for frequencies, M1 and M2.
When you save a frequency for the
Recall a frequency
To recall a previously saved frequency,
press the memory key to select the
display. To scroll through the
frequencies quickly, press and hold
either key.
If music is playing on your device, you
should hear the music from your car
radio system.
first time, it is saved in the memory
location M1. When you save another
frequency, it is saved in the memory
location M2. When you save further
frequencies, they are similarly saved in
either memory location, and the
previously saved frequencies are
frequency in the memory location M1
or M2.



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