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Nokia CA-300 User Manual page 4

Fm transmitter
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and does not interfere with the
normal operation of the car.
In some car models, the cigarette
lighter socket is powered by the car
battery even when you remove the
ignition key. In those cases, the car
battery might be discharged even if
the transmitter is not used. Contact
the vehicle manufacturer for more
The best performance can be achieved
when the distance between the FM
Set up
Set the volume of the device that is
connected to the transmitter to a
medium level. Set the volume of your
car radio system to the desired level.
Select an FM frequency on your car
radio system. Select a silent frequency
where there is no radio station.
transmitter and the radio antenna is
under 2 meters (6 feet 7 inches).
To charge the battery of your
compatible Nokia device while using
the transmitter, insert the 2.0-mm
charger plug (7) into the charger
connector on your device.
To switch off the transmitter, pull the
cigarette lighter plug from the
cigarette lighter socket.
Insert the audio plug (6) into the audio
connector on your compatible device.
If your device has the standard
3.5-mm audio connector, connect the
audio plug into this connector; if the
device has the standard 2.5-mm audio
connector, connect the supplied



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