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Blade Storage; Tool-Less Blade Installation; Assembly - Craftsman 320.17234 Operator's Manual

4.5 amp variable speed sabre saw
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BLADE STORAGE (Fig. 3 and 4)
Your sabre saw comes witl_ 2 wood cutting blades that are stored in the blade storage
compartment located on the very back of the saw under the power cord inlet (see Fig. 3)
To open blade storage door, remove the vac adapter tube (see Fig. 4). Lift the vac
adapter tube up siightty (to release tab from base plate) and pull vac adapter tube
straight out to remove. Pull tab on blade storage door down to open and turn saw upside
fown to remove blades (see Fig 3)..
Fin 3
_OmrPar,ment .4%_._ f ...-_-. J
to always use the proper blade for the material being cut.
INSTALLATION (Fig, 5, 6 and 7)
Tool-less blade change allows you to
remove and replace the saw blade quickly
and easily without the use of additional tools.
1, Unplug the saw..
ALWAYS unplug saw
from the power source before changing
blades or making any adjustments.
Failure to unplug the saw could result in
can cause
serious personal
2o Raise up the clear chip shield, lift one side out
of its mounting s$ot, and remove the shield
from the saw (see Fig. 5). Appty a little force
when lifting and removing the shield from the
3o Turn the saw upside down so you have access
to the blade holder assembly.
4.. Rotate the "black" cover on the blade holder
assembty counterclockwise
about a quarter
turn and hold it in this position while inserting
a blade into the slot of the blade holder
(see Fig 6) The teeth of the blade should be
facing to the front and point up, and the back
of the blade must rest in the groove of the
blade guide roller (see Fig 7)°
5. Release the "black" cover on the blade holder
assembly to lock the blade in place
(see Fig. 6, Fig 7 )o
Fig. 7

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Table of Contents

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