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Troubleshooting - Craftsman 875.168820 Owner's Manual

1/2 in. impact wrench
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IVbde! No. 875 16E 2D
IVbde! No. 875 16882D
Tool runs
slow or will
not operate.
1. Gritor gum in tool
1. Flush the tool with air tool oil, gum
solvent, oran equal mixture of SAE 10
motor oil and kerosene. Lubricate the tool
after cleaning
2 No oil in tool
2 Lubricate the tool according to the
lubrication ins_uctlons
in this manual
3 Low air pressure
4. Air hose leaks
3a. Adjust the regulator on the tool to the
maximum setting (If applicable).
go. Adjust the compressor regulator to tool
maximum while the tool is running free.
4. Tighten and seal hose tittings if leaks are
& Pressure drops
5_. Be sure the hose is the proper size.
Long hoses or tools using
large volumes of air may require a hose with
an I.D. of 1/2' or larger depending on the
total length of the hose.
go. Do notuse multiple number of hoses
connected together with quick connect
tittings. This causes additional pressure
drops and reduces the tool power. Directly
hoses together.
Impacts slowly
or will not impact
1. Lack of lubrication
2 Tool regulator set in
1. Lubricate the air motor and the
impact mechanism. (See Lubrication
section of this manual)
2 Adjustthe
regulator on the tool to
the maximum setting
3 In4ine regulator or
3 Adjust regulators in the air system
compressor regulator
set too low
Impacts rapidly but
1. VVom impact
1. Replace worn impact mechanism
will notremove
bolts mechanism
Does not impact
1. Broken impact
1. Replace broken impact mechanism
mecha nism
blowing out
of tool
1. V_ter in tank
2 Water in the air lines/
1. Drain tank. (See air compressor manual).
Oil tool and run until no water is evidenL Oil
tool again and run 1-2seconds.
:_. Install a water separator/filter.
NOTE: Separators only work properly when
the air passing through the separator is
cool. Locate the separator_lter
as far as
possible from the compressor.
2b. Install an air dryer.
2:. Anytime water enters the tool, the tool
should be oiled immediately.

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